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Yes, sorry, it is me again. I have been reading all of Natalie's OOTD posts and thought I would get in on the act. The below is a slight departure for me - my usual weekend attire usually consists of a football shirt, blue jeans, trainers and a hoodie. I have never been a follower of fashion, but have recently decided to change my style a bit to a more "mature" look. Below is the result of my first attempt!

Apologies for the poor posing, modelling is never going to be in my future!

My standard stance whenever I am waiting around (usually for Natalie while she is looking at something in a shop) and trying to be casual about it.

Just making sure the shoes are clean!

A major departure for me - not just shoes instead of trainers, but RED shoes - way outside my comfort zone and something I would never had tried on if Natalie hadn't said to. The lady has taste!
Jumper - Ralph Lauren
T-Shirt - Primark
Jeans - GAP
Shoes - Cobbled from Schuh
Watch - Citizen Ecodrive
Thanks for reading!
Mr C



  1. Very smart, and I like the red top and shoes! I wish James would do the occasional outfit post but he has no interest at all. ;) xx


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