Beauty | My Favourite Face Mask Duo

Thursday, 31 March 2016 | 1 comment

Trying to find a really good face mask had become a serious mission for me, I read so many reviews, tried so many samples and then finally I found one, the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Mask. It's amazing!
I've written about this before in previous posts. It's great if you want to refresh and brighten your skin, I use it mid week to perk up my skin ready to carry on for the week.

Unfortunately, the heating and cold weather have taken their toll on my skin and I've found that this mask wasn't moisturising enough.

So, I decided to try the Origins Drink- Up Intensive mask, it's one that I have seen quite a few bloggers use and it had pretty good reviews. This is a sample size and it came in a Sephora gift set which my sister bought from the US for me.

I use it at night as per the instructions - put it on your clean dry face, wipe off the excess and leave it to do the work overnight! Simple, but very effective. My skin felt like the mask had sunk into every pore in my face, no sticky residue either. I just washed it off with water in the morning. I've mentioned in previous skincare posts that I don't really have much of a skincare 'routine' as such, sometimes I do the whole shebang, cleanse, tone, moisturise, etc., but most days it's cleanse, moisturise and go!
There were a couple of other masks in the set which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks!
If you have any recommendations for masks please let me know!
Much Love

Style | Katie Loxton

Tuesday, 29 March 2016 | 2 comments


As I do most of my shopping online its not every often that I go into a shop and see things so pretty that they make me gasp out loud in the shop. This was the case when Mr C and I went on a random day out and came across a lovely little boutique. I normally don't inside these types of shops, most of them usually have random overpriced things but, this one was different, the display caught my eye straight away. I forgot to take a picture but I loved everything in the window!

Inside was a mixture of homeware, cards, jewellery and scarves. On one of the displays I saw all these items by the brand Katie Loxton. Its a brand I had never heard of before but as everything looked so gorgeous curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look at everything!

I picked up these two pouches/make up bag/small purse, I hope that's the right name for them! Both are made from faux leather but they still have a luxurious look and feel to them. I had a look inside and outside at the stitching and the fabric - both are really good quality as well. I'm going to use these inside my new handbag, firstly to keep everything tidy and also to protect the inside of the bag.

The pale grey pouch could also be used a small clutch bag when I go out for dinner or to put travel documents in when I go away.  The smaller bag can be used to hold coins and notes if you haven't got much to carry.

I'm already planning on what I would like next, a new candle for the collection perhaps!
You can have a look at everything here.
Much Love

Style | Mr C - The Return

Thursday, 24 March 2016 | 1 comment

So I guess I kind of enjoyed doing my previous post, therefore I have decided to do another one to see if maybe this could become a regular thing. Below is an outfit made up of items purchased recently and other items bought a while ago and I have rarely worn. Again, this not a usual outfit for me, but it is a lot more in line with the more mature look I aiming for.

Slightly different poses happening this time..... hmmmmmm, maybe that modelling career isn't out of reach yet???? LOL!

Must admit, I do love this outfit - put together in all honesty by Natalie, my own personal stylist.

T-Shirt - House of Fraser
Shirt - GAP
Jeans - GAP
Jacket - Tommy Hillfiger
Boots - Bertie "Corey"
 Thanks for reading

Mr C


Lifestyle | Saturday Vlog

Tuesday, 22 March 2016 | 1 comment


I filmed a short vlog last weekend, it was a very last minute decision to do this so my intro is a bit shaky and random.

Also my voice gets super squeaky when I'm really happy, it's so embarrassing when I watch it back!

Hope you enjoy watching
Much Love

Beauty | Going Old School

Thursday, 17 March 2016 | No comments


I haven't been to the Body Shop for years, I used to spend a lot of my time when I was a teenager in the store pondering over face masks and creams to try and control my oily skin.

Once of my favourites was the Blue Corn Mask so I decided to give it a go again after many years later!


I put it on and it still smells the same as it did all those years ago, nothing overpowering just a light scent. You only need a light layer, I was too heavy handed at the beginning and had quite a lot over my chin and cheeks. The areas where I put a light layer dried pretty quickly and the thicker areas stayed quite soft. It felt really nice on, very cooling on the skin and not uncomfortable.

I went in the shower and washed it off in there, this is where things changed. As I started to wash it off it felt my like face was being scratched, it was a horrible feeling and I couldn't get it off quick enough! Afterwards I splashed my face with cold water to get rid of the excess, once I dried my face it felt tight and itchy. Within 10 minutes my skin looked dry with a flaky area around my nose. I had to slather my face in my Elemis cream to make it feel better.

Overall I was very disappointed with this, I don't know if the formula has changed or my skin has become more sensitive to the scrub but I wont be using it again! I don't want to waste it though so I think I might use it a bit of a foot mask/scrub, hopefully it will work better that way!

I will be doing a review on the honey and oat mask next, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks.
Do you use any Body Shop products?
Much Love

Lifestyle | A few of my favourite things - March

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 | 1 comment


I thought it would be a good time to share some of my current favourite things! It's not something that I do every month as I there might be some months where I don't have any favourites!

Wardrobe Organisation

After 2 and a bit years of living with a messy wardrobe, I finally got round to sorting out my wardrobes and drawers. It was a long task and there was a moment when I cried, mainly over the amount of stuff I have, I felt guilty for having so many clothes and having so many that I hadn't worn but I'm happy now its organised. No more shopping for me for awhile!


I'm still obsessed with notebooks and always will be! Every time I go into TK Maxx I always leave with one, my latest one is this one from Radley, I couldn't resist, I don't even have anything to write in it at the moment but at least it makes my desk look cute.


I have quite a selection of scarves but recently the more chunky snuggly ones have been catching my eye, these two are my current favourites, both from Primark last year.

The Good Wife

We have just finished season 5 on Netflix and I am so ready to watch the next season. I can't believe we were going to cancel our Netflix subscription at one point, who's idea was that......... Mr Cs obviously!

Sainsburys Jeggings

It was actually my Mum that told me about these, she said how comfortable they were and next thing I know there was a pair in my basket! I feel like I wear these non stop at the moment, they are quick to throw on and go with so many things in my wardrobe. They just make weekend mornings so much less stressful when deciding what to wear!

I've always loved candles but recently I've become even more obsessed. This is what I call candle corner! The tall one at the back is my favourite, we've had it for about 8 years, I do burn it but it goes down really really slowly. My favourite places to buy candles are TK Maxx and Ikea.

Much Love

Lifestyle | A Small Sainsburys Haul

Thursday, 10 March 2016 | No comments


Time for another video, this time I'm talking about a few things that I picked up on an late night trip to Sainsburys!

Much Love

Style | H&M Madness

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 | 6 comments


My no shopping for 2016 is not going well at all! I had planned at the end of 2015 to try and use more of my wardrobe in 2016, I have so many clothes that I have only worn once or not at all! I did however have a big clear out of clothes, 4 big bags! I did feel slightly sick as I took the bags to the charity shop, there were some items that still had tags on but I hadn't worn them in over 2 years! This has now made me realise that I need to think more carefully about what I purchase in the future and no more buying things on a whim!
I failed when we went out one Saturday for a 'quick' wander around the shops, I thought that I wouldn't buy anything as it's a town that is quite small with an ok shopping centre. There used to be a really good Evans and New Look Inspire, but these both disappeared sometime last year which is a real shame. I decided to have a look in H&M and was surprised to see their plus size range in there, of course it was hidden upstairs in the most random place but there was more than one rail!
I picked up this dress for £5 off the sale rail, I'd heard that their sizing was a bit insane but I didn't want to believe it until I had seen it for myself. Hah! It's so true, I normally wear a 22 but this dress is a 28 and it fits, there is no way that this would fit a size 28 body which is so annoying, why make clothes in that size if the sizing is way off! Clearly not a lot of research has been done, the rest of the items on the rails were disappointing, oversized tees, jeans and ok dresses, nothing that really jumped out at me plus it was quite expensive.

 I also got a cardigan and this top from the main range downstairs, I also try on stuff here, the XL in most items can be very generous and fits my size 22 top.

Have you bought anything from the H&M plus size range?

Much Love

Beauty | Bobbi Brown Concealer

Saturday, 5 March 2016 | No comments


I have become a fan of Bobbi Brown make up in recent years. There are so many products that I feel are suitable for black skin which makes a nice change. There are still a number of high end brands that don't cater for dark skin tones or if they do the colours will stop at a certain level or just don't match my skin tone at all.

I've had two Bobbi Brown concealers for awhile now, I wanted to really try them out first before doing a review.

I purchased these mainly to cover my dark circles under my eyes. I am just one of those unlucky people who seem to suffer with them no matter what! When I'm really tired I literally look like a panda.
Left - with concealer       Right  -Without
The first one I got was the Corrector in Dark Peach, I use this first of all to cover some of the darkness. When the woman at the counter first showed me this I was convinced that she had picked up the wrong colour! It's so light which made me nervous but once I pat it in I can see it's starting to work. The consistency is thick but creamy which means that it goes on smoothly whilst giving a good coverage. I used my ring finger to lightly pat it on and leave it for around 5 minutes to set.
Next I use the creamy concealer in Almond, this comes in a set with a powder and a mirror, this is really great for on the go touch ups.  Once again the concealer is quite light but not as much as the corrector. It also has the same consistency as the corrector, this product should feel heavy under the eye but it doesn't.
One issue that I have with the corrector and concealer is that due to the consistency of both it does crease if you get warm. A touch up with the powder a few hours later will fix this but if you don't like this creased look from your concealer this is not the product for you. 
Overall I'm impressed with both products but I wouldn't repurchase the concealer again. I would just use the corrector along with my Nars creamy concealer to achieve a similar look.
Much Love

Style | All the stripes

Thursday, 3 March 2016 | No comments

As much as I love shopping online sometimes it's nice to go into the store and be able to try on clothes. I'm happy that a town not far from us still has a New Look inspire section in the store, it's small but its there.
I tried on a pinafore dress that I had seen online, I put it in the basket and then forgot about it. It looked really nice online but after trying it on I changed my mind completely, the material felt cheap, scratchy and there was already a hole in the pocket of the one I tried on. The fit wasn't particularly great either, it's a real shame as I really want a pinafore dress, if you have any recommendations please let me know!
Oddly enough I tried on a dress that I had looked at online and instantly dismissed it as 'not very me'! It's nothing really ground breaking but for me it's a colour that I don't have in my wardrobe and it's stripey!


I really like the dress despite a little pulling over the bust but than can be solved by opening up a few more buttons and putting a vest top underneath. I'm also going to take the belt off, I find that these material belts never sit properly and always end up hanging down by my knees!
Dress - New Look
Leggings - Forever 21 (old)
Boots - New Look
Thanks to Mr C for standing in the cold taking all the photos for me!
Much Love