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I have become a fan of Bobbi Brown make up in recent years. There are so many products that I feel are suitable for black skin which makes a nice change. There are still a number of high end brands that don't cater for dark skin tones or if they do the colours will stop at a certain level or just don't match my skin tone at all.

I've had two Bobbi Brown concealers for awhile now, I wanted to really try them out first before doing a review.

I purchased these mainly to cover my dark circles under my eyes. I am just one of those unlucky people who seem to suffer with them no matter what! When I'm really tired I literally look like a panda.
Left - with concealer       Right  -Without
The first one I got was the Corrector in Dark Peach, I use this first of all to cover some of the darkness. When the woman at the counter first showed me this I was convinced that she had picked up the wrong colour! It's so light which made me nervous but once I pat it in I can see it's starting to work. The consistency is thick but creamy which means that it goes on smoothly whilst giving a good coverage. I used my ring finger to lightly pat it on and leave it for around 5 minutes to set.
Next I use the creamy concealer in Almond, this comes in a set with a powder and a mirror, this is really great for on the go touch ups.  Once again the concealer is quite light but not as much as the corrector. It also has the same consistency as the corrector, this product should feel heavy under the eye but it doesn't.
One issue that I have with the corrector and concealer is that due to the consistency of both it does crease if you get warm. A touch up with the powder a few hours later will fix this but if you don't like this creased look from your concealer this is not the product for you. 
Overall I'm impressed with both products but I wouldn't repurchase the concealer again. I would just use the corrector along with my Nars creamy concealer to achieve a similar look.
Much Love


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