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My no shopping for 2016 is not going well at all! I had planned at the end of 2015 to try and use more of my wardrobe in 2016, I have so many clothes that I have only worn once or not at all! I did however have a big clear out of clothes, 4 big bags! I did feel slightly sick as I took the bags to the charity shop, there were some items that still had tags on but I hadn't worn them in over 2 years! This has now made me realise that I need to think more carefully about what I purchase in the future and no more buying things on a whim!
I failed when we went out one Saturday for a 'quick' wander around the shops, I thought that I wouldn't buy anything as it's a town that is quite small with an ok shopping centre. There used to be a really good Evans and New Look Inspire, but these both disappeared sometime last year which is a real shame. I decided to have a look in H&M and was surprised to see their plus size range in there, of course it was hidden upstairs in the most random place but there was more than one rail!
I picked up this dress for £5 off the sale rail, I'd heard that their sizing was a bit insane but I didn't want to believe it until I had seen it for myself. Hah! It's so true, I normally wear a 22 but this dress is a 28 and it fits, there is no way that this would fit a size 28 body which is so annoying, why make clothes in that size if the sizing is way off! Clearly not a lot of research has been done, the rest of the items on the rails were disappointing, oversized tees, jeans and ok dresses, nothing that really jumped out at me plus it was quite expensive.

 I also got a cardigan and this top from the main range downstairs, I also try on stuff here, the XL in most items can be very generous and fits my size 22 top.

Have you bought anything from the H&M plus size range?

Much Love


  1. H&M sizing is all over the place, it's so silly! But I love that dress, it looks amazing on you. :) I sometimes find really cute things at H&M but often it's disappointing. Kind of hit or miss, really!

    1. Thank you. The sizing is bizarre which is a shame as there is quite a lot of nice stuff in there!

  2. That dress looks amazing on you but I know not to try to get one if the sizing's that out of whack - so thanks for saving me that hassle. :) I buy basis from them like jersey dresses in summer. xx

    1. Thanks. It's really disappointing that they can't get the sizing right, they do need to do more work on the sizing! x

  3. Dress looks amazing but I cannot get over how bad their sizing is ... I remember a size 8 friend coming out with a size 18 dress once. If the straight size girls have these problems then what chance do I have?

    C xx

    1. Thank you. It's just frustrating that they make clothes in all these sizes but you can't guarantee a good fit! x


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