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As I do most of my shopping online its not every often that I go into a shop and see things so pretty that they make me gasp out loud in the shop. This was the case when Mr C and I went on a random day out and came across a lovely little boutique. I normally don't inside these types of shops, most of them usually have random overpriced things but, this one was different, the display caught my eye straight away. I forgot to take a picture but I loved everything in the window!

Inside was a mixture of homeware, cards, jewellery and scarves. On one of the displays I saw all these items by the brand Katie Loxton. Its a brand I had never heard of before but as everything looked so gorgeous curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look at everything!

I picked up these two pouches/make up bag/small purse, I hope that's the right name for them! Both are made from faux leather but they still have a luxurious look and feel to them. I had a look inside and outside at the stitching and the fabric - both are really good quality as well. I'm going to use these inside my new handbag, firstly to keep everything tidy and also to protect the inside of the bag.

The pale grey pouch could also be used a small clutch bag when I go out for dinner or to put travel documents in when I go away.  The smaller bag can be used to hold coins and notes if you haven't got much to carry.

I'm already planning on what I would like next, a new candle for the collection perhaps!
You can have a look at everything here.
Much Love


  1. Oh these are very cute! Where was the shop?

    C xx

  2. I love these!!! I'm an addict of little pouches I can have in my bags for better organising. :)


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