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So I guess I kind of enjoyed doing my previous post, therefore I have decided to do another one to see if maybe this could become a regular thing. Below is an outfit made up of items purchased recently and other items bought a while ago and I have rarely worn. Again, this not a usual outfit for me, but it is a lot more in line with the more mature look I aiming for.

Slightly different poses happening this time..... hmmmmmm, maybe that modelling career isn't out of reach yet???? LOL!

Must admit, I do love this outfit - put together in all honesty by Natalie, my own personal stylist.

T-Shirt - House of Fraser
Shirt - GAP
Jeans - GAP
Jacket - Tommy Hillfiger
Boots - Bertie "Corey"
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  1. Looking very handsome and I like this outfit. :) I get Mike to model on my blog too :)


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