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Back in January we went to Nottingham for the weekend, as I don't have a Lush store that is close to me I took the opportunity to have a little stock up of a few items. I'm writing this now in March after forgetting about all the items! I didn't want to throw anything away therefore I am ploughing my way through them, I'm going to softer than cotton wool in a few weeks time!

One of the items I got was this body scrub bar. I had been after a new scrub for awhile now after reading about the dangers of the micro beads in many products,anything that I had that contained these have now been binned. This one contains granulated sugar in it so I was happy to add it to my shower routine. It's also has murumuru butter in, nope, I had never heard of it either! This definitely made a difference after I came out of the shower and dried off, my skin didn't feel so dry and sore like it normally does with other scrubs.

I used this on my arms first of all and went in a bit too hard! I don't know what I was thinking so, if you do use it start off with gentle movements, once I did that it felt really good. My skin had become so dry over the winter, it's time to get rid of the dry skin in preparation for summer. I'm going to try and use this at least once a week.
The smell reminds me of the entire contents of a Lush shop all rolled into one! It's quite strong but in a nice way. I also need to get a tub to put it in after using it as I left it on the side of the bath and it left a big orange patch, nothing that a bit flash couldn't fix!

You can purchase it online and in store for £5.99.
Much Love


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