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I've had a another switch up to my skincare routine again, just when I thought that I had one in place I find a couple of new products that I want to try! I've been using these products from Korres for a few weeks now.

I'd tried the wild rose cream early last year but only briefly as I had a small sample but I was impressed at how light it went it on and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. This is a slightly bigger sample than the previous one but it should last me a few weeks, hopefully this will help me make up my mind as to whether I will purchase the full size version.
In addition to the cream I have also been using the dark spot corrector. I've been looking for something to help with some scarring left by a few spots on my face, previous attempts include the contents of vitamin E capsules rubbed on my skin to dabbing each blemish with lemon juice, yes, I really did that! This also goes on really easily, I only have to leave it for a minute before putting my foundation on. I'm not too keen on the scent, it doesn't smell like roses, a bit more clinical almost.
I think even after a few weeks it's still too early to tell if its made a difference to the scars but, I am going to persevere. The combination of both have already left my skin looking brighter, hopefully I will see an improvement in my scarring with continuous use of the corrector.
Have you tried any Korres products?
Much Love


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