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This week all my posts are going to be house related, no, I'm not going to be telling you about where I put my undies or Mr Cs but more of a few tips and look at a few of my favourite things along with a vlog of our trip to the Ideal Home Show last Saturday!

My first post is the Home Tag, I did this all the way back in December 2013 so I thought it would be nice to do an updated version for 2016.

Do you live at home, alone or with roommates?

I live with Mr C my fiancé. We first moved in together back in August 2007. We rented a small 2 bed house with the tiniest kitchen, bijou as my dad described it! It was tough at the beginning, neither of us had lived away from home before so everything was new and scary but we adjusted to our new lives very quickly!

Do you shop a lot for your room/place? If so what are your favourite homeware stores?

When we moved into our second home we bought quite a lot of stuff, most of the furniture we had in the first house was second hand so we saved up to buy a few new bits. 

Homesense is definitely my favourite store, a lot of our stuff comes from there. One of my favourite items in the house is this LOVE sign which was from there. We also like to shop in Asda, Dunelm, Sainsbury's, The Range and second-hand shops for furniture.

Are you a neat or messy person?

I do like house to be nice and tidy. I usually try and do a little bit of tidying every evening so that I don't have to spend my whole weekend cleaning. Mr C does a lot around the house as well and he is also the chef of the house!

Is there a specific decorative item/thing you can't live without in your room/house/place?

There are lots of things in the house that I can't live without, our comfy sofa, good lighting, lots of cushions, a good duvet, the list is endless really!

Show your favourite home décor items, show and tell style!

This was a recent purchase from Sainsburys. It will be going in our bedroom, I absolutely love it!

I love candles, I believe that there is at least one in every room in the house. We normally light a few when we have a movie night to give a really nice warm glow in the room.

We bought these tables whilst we were in a Portuguese restaurant in Great Yarmouth, random hey! The restaurant had a shop attached to it selling lots of unusual and unique pieces. The wood and wrought iron go really well together and tie in with the colour scheme in the living room.

My blanket from Costco. If I wrap up in this whilst I'm on the sofa I can guarantee that I will be asleep within a few minutes!

We are finally getting the hallway to look how we want it to. The red, white and blue print in the top picture used to be in the dining room but I moved it out here as I really like how it adds a bit of colour.  The print in the second picture is one we bought from a Christmas market in Cardiff a few years ago. It's all made up of chapters from 'The Great Gatsby', we had never seen anything like it before and it adds a nice focal point in the hallway.

Thanks for reading and feel free to take part!
Much Love


  1. Mike and I own our own flat. It's just a little studio, but as we are very happy in our little space we have decided to not buy anything bigger now and rather go travelling around UK and the rest of the world instead. We are actually in the middle of a project of decluttering and redecorating the flat so we are trying to get a bit more space and storage. It's good fun and I can't wait till we are done. We just recently hung the tv on the wall after we had painted it. What a difference it made to the room!!! I love candles too by the way, something I never used to do before. :)


  2. We are trying to take everything one step at a time with the house since it is so easy to get overwhelmed and there is so much we want to accomplish. Lisa W. Degregorio


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