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Last week Mr C and I took a trip to the Ideal Home Show* in London at the Kensington Olympia. We love going to home shows, especially as we are currently redecorating our home. This is a very lengthy and stressful process, those of you that have been through this process will understand!

It was a beautiful day in London!

We arrived nice and early only to see a long queue in front of us, thankfully this quickly dissapered once they opened the doors. Once we were in we picked up a show guide and a goody bag. Next we visited the British Gas stand, I had my photo taken with Wilbur and then the guys explained how the new smart meters worked, armed with information to look at once we got home we headed off to grab a quick cake and coffee ready to start the day!

There was so much going on inside, I know that I won't get it all in this post but I will do my best to pick out my favourite bits! The super theatre had one of our favourite TV personalities on, George Clarke from Amazing Spaces. We love watching this show when it's on, unfortunately we didn't make it back in time to see a show as there was so many stalls to see.

We had a good look around downstairs and lusted over Smeg stoves, garden furniture and a doorbell with a wi-fi enabled camera built in, such a great idea. My eyes were then drawn to the garden stands, I now have lots of ideas for the garden, I just need many pounds to make it all a reality!

Upstairs there was artwork to purchase, one of our dreams to own a piece of original artwork but for now paintings from HomeSense will do.

After walking around for a bit we decided to find out if there were any free tables in the Greg Wallace restaurant. We saw the menu as soon as we got into the venue and were won over by the sound of pork, mash potato and salmon. The dining area was lovely and spacious, with the sun shining through the large windows it truly felt a beautiful spring day.

Lunch was very tasty, perhaps a little pricey for what it was but we still ate everything and halfway through we had visit from Greg Wallace himself, asking how our meal was! I gave him my best smile and hoped that I didn't have any curly kale stuck in my teeth!
After lunch we walked around some more before calling it a day around 12.45, it was starting to get really busy, so we decided to head out and find somewhere to go.

We took a leisurely stroll along Kensington High Street, window shopping and gasping at the London house prices in estate agents windows along the way. The weather was so gorgeous that we headed up towards Kensington Gardens, taking a quick break on a bench to people watch and soak up some very much needed vitamin D.  Then we walked up Bayswater Road and finally finished at Notting Hill Gate, stopping again for a quick Starbucks. We got slightly lost on the way back to Marylebone, but that's just part of the adventure!

Thank you to the guys at Talented Talkers for the tickets. I will have a short vlog going up soon showing more bits of our day!
Much Love

*Denotes gifted item. All opinions are my own*


  1. It sounds like you had such a lovely day out in London. The restaurant looks amazing and the food looked the same. :) And getting lost in London is very easy, but like you say, part of the adventure. :)


  2. Ooh, lucky you - I have a bit of a crush on Greg Wallace! :) I might go to the IHS one day - I've been meaning to for years. I'm glad you had a lovely day for it. xx
    Just Me Leah

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