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We are currently redecorating our house, finally after 2 and a half years of living here! We have painted a few rooms but the rest of the house really needs some attention/ good freshen up ready for spring/summer.
We didn't really want to spend too much money whilst we do it up, it's not going to be our forever home but we just want to make it look as nice as possible whilst we are still in it.
These are just a few things I do to re-vamp/refresh our home whilst working to a budget:
1. Move Around
I've lost count of the number of times we have moved the furniture around, especially downstairs. I get bored after a few months and end up roping poor old Mr C into helping me move stuff around. I always have a good wander around, look at furniture and see how we are currently using it, for example the dining table used to up in the corner so we rarely used it but since I moved it further out into the room we have used it a lot more. I also think about what other people will see, at the moment our back wall has old paint on after the wallpaper was stripped and looks messy so I moved the sideboard there put a nice little candle display to one side so that people can focus on that when they come into the room.

2. Buy good quality items in the sale
We really wanted a couple of rugs for the living room, kitchen and dining area early last year. We looked in so many places, Ikea, Dunelm, the range but every rug that we saw seemed expensive for what it was. Then one afternoon we were in John Lewis when I noticed that they had a clearance sale on the rugs, we found all 3 that we wanted for a total of £350, saving over £400. You usually have to take the ones from the display but as they all looked in good condition I was more than happy to do that. Both of the large rugs are hand made and feel so comfy under foot, the only downside is that they can't be hoovered with a Dyson as the suction is too much as they are wool, but I just use the small attachment tool to keep it clean and give them a good sweep each week.

I think its worth spending a bit more on items that you want to last a long time, obviously this is not always the case. I've had items from Ikea that have lasted for over 10 years but for items like a sofa, mattress and rugs buy the best that you can afford (in the sales of course!)
3. Get in the second hand band
Some of my favourite items are things that we have been given or bought second hand, here are a few pictures of them:


Chair - £50 Ebay - This has seen better days now but I love the print on it. The tub chair is actually vintage and belonged to the sellers grandfather but she had covered in this spotty fabric to update it.

Armchair - Free!

Storage Trunk - Free. Although I think this is actually meant to be a coffee table!

Bed Frame - Free

It someone is offering us something for free I always have a good think about where I will put the item, I don't want to take it and then find out we have nowhere to put it or have too much in the house.
We also love finding bargains at car boots, mainly pictures and items for the garden. I love finding pots that are slightly worn to add to the garden. Car boots are also a great inexpensive way of buying plants and flowers for the garden, I always speak to the person who is selling and make sure that they have grown them, you will find that if they have done it themselves the plants tend to be in better condition.
4. Don't stay on trend
I find that if you want to stay on trend it's going to be expensive, copper, plants and wood now and then 2 months later its all white, marble and golds! I don't like to keep up with trends unless I think that it will work for a long time. I do like the clean look of all white and the touches of copper and marble but, I know that I will probably get bored of it after a while. It's more important that I make our house feel homely and suited to our taste. That would be my top tip, use your home to reflect your personality, fit your style and more importantly feel like your home.

If you have any other tips for decorating on a budget please let me know!
Much Love


  1. This is a great post Nat and your home is lovely. xx

  2. I loved reading this. You have done some great finds. I'm an eager looker on Freecycle for something that might catch my eye. I love upcycling things and find it so satisfying to make something look nicer and more your own style with just a few little changes.



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