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I LOVE STRIPES, yep, putting that in capitals because I love them! I don't care if they make my hips look wider or my butt look bigger, I'm still going to rock them!

I bought this dress a few weeks ago and have worn it so many times since then. It is very similar to this one (below) from Junarose except it has POCKETS!

Sorry for the capitals in the post but this makes me very happy. I've always had a thing about clothes with pockets ever since I was little, I remember when Woolworths had a pink skirt with pockets and I had to have it, going to school and styling it with my knee high socks, I thought I was so cool!

It's 100% cotton so it is super soft and comfortable. It's perfect for now with this mild spring weather (I'm writing this on a good weather day). It's also true to size, I'm wearing a 24 and its fits perfectly, not too tight or too baggy. I wore it for a day of shopping and when I got home I didn't want to take it off.

We stopped off at one of my favourite spots to take some photos. I feel like Spring is on its way now, yes!

Dress - Junarose - ASOS (sold out at the moment!)
Leggings - Evans
Shoes - Gap
Much Love


  1. Ooooooooh, that's lovely and you look amazing! xx

  2. I love this dress!!!! I so so so so want it!! :) You look so happy and amazing as usual my lovely. :) xx

  3. Love me some stripes - if I had my way, my entire wardrobe would be stripes!

    C xx


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