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L'Occitane  have been on my radar for quite a few years, however it's not really a brand that I'd ever thought about trying, until now.
I'd heard so many good things about their precious cream that when I got one in a my little beauty box last year I was very happy! It was in the My Little Box, if you are looking for a beauty box to subscribe to I would recommend this one, each box I received had was beautifully packaged and have a good mixture of beauty and lifestyle items.

I had put it away in the drawer and then forgot all about it until now, so as we were going away for the weekend I thought that I would take it with me to try. After I cleansed I popped some on and let it sink in before using my make up, not that I needed long, within a few minutes the cream had sunk nicely into my skin, any dry patches disappeared and my face felt incredibly smooth and glowing. I could still feel the effects of using it later that evening. I haven't been using it every day as it does have a price tag of £48 but I feel like I might have to save up and invest in some of this, no time like the present to try and keep those wrinkles at bay! This is one of those creams that is definitely worth the hype.

Have you tried an L'Occitane products?
Much Love


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