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Back in January my sister kindly bought me a Sephora set back. I had seen it online and kept my fingers crossed that she would be able to get it back home in her suitcase in one piece! Luckily she did a great job of wrapping it up and it got here safe and sound! Thanks Sis!

After going for a facial last year the therapist mentioned that my skin was quite dry, this was quite a shock to me as I've always suffered with oily skin and drink plenty of water. She explained that it could be to do with the weather, the cold wind and having the heating on at home as these can all have quite a drying effect on the skin. This made me think about what I was using on my skin and how to combat the dryness. 
This Sephora set is specifically aimed at putting moisture back into the skin so that was why  I chose it.

The first items I tried were First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream and the Peter Thomas Roth  Marine Algae mask.

I cleansed my face with the face wash from La Roche Posay, this has been a long time favourite of mine and works really well at keeping my skin clear and any spots at bay
I then put a thin layer of the face mask on. It goes on clear on the skin and feels quite sticky at first but after 5-6 minutes it begins to sink into the skin until you can barely feel anything. It reminded me of one of my favourite face masks, the Elemis Tri-Enzyme in terms of how it feels on the skin, not too heavy and cooling.
It has quite a strong scent in the jar but once it's on the skin it seems to disappear slightly. I left it on for the recommended 10 minutes  and then rinsed off with luke warm water. It came off really easily and quickly . After I had dried my skin I didn't really notice much of a difference, my skin didn't feel any softer which was quite disappointing. It does say on the back to use it either daily or 2-3 times a week so I'm definitely going to give it another try.

2nd use update -

Well I still haven't changed my mind on this even after giving it a second go. I'm assuming that this mask would retail for around £34 as on the Cult Beauty Website the other masks from this brand are around this price. If I'd paid that much for the face mask I expect some good results and pretty quick ones too!
I also used the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to try hydrate my skin as much as possible. This was decent size sample in the box so this is going to last me quite a while. The first thing I noticed was that the cream doesn't have any scent, this is something that I really like, I'm not a great lover of heavily scented creams, unless they are amazing then I try and persevere!
The cream doesn't sink in very quickly, I did have to massage it into my face for a couple of minutes, it kind of sits on top of the skin and then sinks in slowly. I wasn't overly impressed at first but an hour later my skin felt so good, glowing and fresh.
Even though I was not impressed by the facemask I continued to finish the pot, it's not one that I would purchase on its own and is not as good as the Elemis mask. The cream however is a product that I really liked, even though it took a bit of time to sink in. I would recommended this more as a night cream as I don't think it would sit well under make up if you applied it soon after.
You can purchase the face mask here and the cream here.
Have you tried either of these brands?
Much Love


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