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Bicester Village is over 20 years old!?! Where did the time go? This makes me feel so old as my first ever job was there. 15 year old me, super shy and lacking any sort of confidence picks her first job in a shop! It was definitely one of my most favourite jobs ever. I learnt how to fold t-shirts properly, gained a little confidence and found that ugly but comfortable shoes were a necessity! I met so many different people and the freedom of having my own money that I'd worked hard for was an amazing feeling!

I thought that I would do a quick post on some of my favourite shops and then I will do a second post about where to eat in BV and in Bicester itself.

Ok, so I can't afford to buy anything in here but I love to go in and have a look at the gorgeous handbags, some day there will be one resting gently on my shoulder (Mr C has promised me)!. The inside of the store is just as stylish as the outside. Some stores do have no photography signs inside and I didn't want to take a risk getting caught so I'm afraid all photos are of the outside of the stores.

I have one Mulberry handbag but only because it was ridicously cheap! I don't use it that often, not because I am scared of using it but because it is so heavy. I will be doing a review on it soon. Like the Prada store I go round, make a mental note of the bags I like and keep my fingers crossed that a money tree will grow in the garden!

Mr C couldn't get a good shot of the shop, these two guys would not move! There is so much selection in here and it smells wonderful! Prices are slightly lower than on the high street so it's well worth a look in here. The L'Occitane hand creams are some of my favourites, especially if you suffer from dry and sore hand like I do.

You will notice a theme here, handbags! I love bags and Tory Burch ones are becoming a new favourite of mine. I could literally buy all the bags in there! They are quite pricey but the quality appears to be excellent and there are plenty of different styles and colours to choose from, a worthwhile investment if you are looking to expand your handbag collection.

I'm currently lusting after a Longchamp bag to add to my collection. I know exactly which one I want , the le pilage is on my new addition list but they don't have the colour that I'm after here so I may have to take a trip to the London store.

Still on the bag theme, its hard not to really as if you are a plus size BV is not really the place to be shopping. I think the biggest size I've seen is a 16 possibly an 18.  The Kate Spade store has to be my favourite inside, bright, colourful and rows of beautiful bags, jewellery and other accessories. I have one bag from here and a couple of phone cases.

Coccinelle is always a bit of a hit and miss for me. The day that I went in there was nothing that I like at all but other times I'v been in I have loved everything in the shop. They do have really lovely watches, simple and elegant and a small selection of bags.

I have kept my favourite till last. I could quite happily spend all day in here, I adore Radley handbags and their accessories. I will be doing a seperate review of some of the bags that I have from them. They usually have extra discounts as well, for example the day we went in there was an extra 20% off on almost everything in the store, hence why I came out with a bag. We originally only went to BV to take some photos and have a spot of breakfast!

One other place I would recommend is the Comestic Company, they had Jo Malone body lotions, bath oils in there and also quite a few items from MAC and Smashbox. It's always busy whenever I go in here, no surprise really as a lot of the stuff has been discounted to such reasonable prices. It's worth noting that some of the items are discontinued, I've fallen in love with some lipsticks and then gone back months later and they are no longer there and also not available anywhere else!

So, those are my favourite shops, there are a lot more to visit but the majority are either way out of my price range or  clothing which is not in my size! Despite that it's still lovely to walk around, there is always some sort of display or theme going on, Christmas time is one of my most favourite.

One tip I do have if you visit is to go at the right time, it can get extremely busy at the weekends, late evenings are pretty quiet and Sunday mornings.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my Bicester Village post, part 2 will be up on Saturday.
Much Love


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