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This is the second part of my Bicester Village post, if you missed the first one you can read it here.

Today I'm talking about food and where to eat when visiting Bicester Village. I've seen a number of different places to eat open and close during the 20 years of BV but right now I think they have the best selection of restaurants. You can find out more here.

1. Villandry

Ohhh Villandry! We still make trips to Bicester to go here for breakfast, the scrambled eggs on toast, the full English, croissants, orange juice and a nice flat white. It's the best place to eat in my opinion, I have been there many times and never had a bad experience. The staff are always super polite and friendly, this is important for me as I feel like the waiter or waitress, along with the food, can make or break your time at a restaurant. Expect to pay around £16 - 25 for breakfast for two. They also do a lunch time and evening menu as well.

2. Pret

Pret is great if you don't want to eat into your shopping time and just want a quick bit of lunch! I do find it gets very busy in here, I've had to wait behind 2 rows of people to get a sandwich, this is not good when I'm super hungry or HANGRY!

3. Itsu

Yum! I was so happy when I found out that this had opened! I really like the food from Itsu but as there was not one near where we live it was a very infrequent treat! I don't know how busy it gets as when this photo was taken it was 11.00am and there were only about 6 people in there.

Just outside Itsu is this super cute seating area, there are patio heaters around so you can rest those weary feet and keep warm.

Those are my favourite places at BV but what about Bicester itself? I feel like a lot of the time people go shopping but forget about the town itself, although small it has a fair number of restaurants and a handful of shops.
If you don't want to eat at BV then head into Bicester town, if you want a familiar place to eat then head to either Prezzo, Nandos or my favourite, Pizza Express. There is also a Subway and a small cafĂ© in the Sainburys.
Two of my favourite restaurants though are Denis' and Copper Kitchen, both of which are highly recommended from myself and Mr C.
We recently had a meal at the Copper Kitchen and I had to control myself so that I didn't lick the plate. The chicken was tender and full of flavour, I could have eaten it twice over. Inside the restaurant has a real warm and rustic feeling, low ceilings, exposed beams and subtle lighting. Service is excellent, the food takes a little bit of time to come out but it's well worth the wait!
Denis' is a Turkish restaurant just across from Copper Kitchen and is just as good. Inside is very colourful and spacious. We've eaten here a number of times and each time the service and food have been outstanding, the lamb shank and chicken shish are two of my favourite dishes.

One thing we do recommend, especially for the Copper Kitchen, is to book ahead as it only has a limited number of covers it can do due to the small and intimate dining area.

Aside from eating you can have a look at the small selection of shops, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Superdrug are all on the main street. There isn't much but it's quite nice for a little wander around and after all the spending at BV do you really want to see any more shops!
 I hope that you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading it!
Much Love


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