Style | A Colourful Wobble


I have been going through my wardrobe recently and picking out items that I haven't worn since last year and reviving them ready for Spring/Summer 2016. Although at the time of writing this I'm sat with thick winter socks on and a huge scarf!

I had a slight wobble with my confidence towards the end of last summer and packed away most of my patterned and colourful items. I had put on some weight due to stress and then started a new job, I had gone back to my old ways of not wanting to draw attention to myself and not really loving my body. This is something that I'd done for years, whilst I know there will be a few people who will understand where I'm coming from there will be a few who won't believe this, assuming that I must be very confident because I blog and share my photos on the internet. Even though I have come so far in my body positivity journey I still find myself having those moments of self doubt, especially when going into a new place or unfamiliar surroundings.
After sorting and clearing out a vast chunk of my wardrobe, and working on building up my confidence again, I've decided to bring back some of my favourites for the warmer weather. One of the items is this Lindy Bop skirt, unfortunately its no longer available but do have a look at their website for similar ones.

I paired it with this shirt from New Look that I got last year as well, this has also been sitting in my wardrobe so I really want to try and get some wear out of it this year. I love the combination of these items together, I just need to add a cardigan and I'm ready for the British Summer!

 Have you tried any items from Lindy Bop? Any favourites?
Much Love
Thank you to Mr C for taking these photos, despite the sunshine it was so cold!


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