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Last Friday I was kindly invited to the open day for the LA Perfection Skin clinic in Witney. It was so nice to attend an event that was only half an hour away from home and I could drive to!
After a few hours at work I met with my mum and we headed to Witney. I had prepared myself for another spell of rain and thunder so the sunshine and heat as we walked along the high street came as an unexpected surprise, especially when you are dressed in all black!

Once we arrived we went straight into the first treatment room and met with Zoe. She explained to us the process of IPL treatment , I will leave a link to the website as there is a lot of information in case you are not, like me, overly familiar with the treatment. I learnt so much in here, I had never considered the treatment because I had always been told that it was not suitable for black skin tones, however Zoe explained that it could be used on dark skin just at a lower intensity and working very gently, hurray!  Hair removal is a real bugbear for me so this is something I would definitely consider.
Next was a quick stop for a tasty canapé. Now I would never have guessed these were vegetarian/vegan, they were so tasty especially the hummus tartlet and the little cake with the blueberry on top. My mum couldn't get enough of the spinach muffins!

Next we met Lyndsey, who is the owner of the salon, she was doing a demonstration of cosmetic tattooing on the eyebrows. I had only ever seen this on a couple of YouTube videos so it was intriguing to see how it was done in real life. The effect is amazing, the strokes are so small and lightly that it looks real and once again, it can be done on black skin depending on your tone, some colours may not show on very dark skin but, that is something that I imagine would be discussed if you wished to have the treatment done. Lyndsey was really chatty and friendly, wanting to know about blogging and giving us so much information about the treatment she was demonstrating. For me, having a therapist that has a good personality makes the whole experience more enjoyable and puts you at ease.

Next we sat down with Heidi to discuss skincare! She explained the importance of good skincare, especially having a good cleansing, toning, and moisturising routine. Heidi asked me about my routine, I felt a bit embarrassed explaining that my "routine" is sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't, but that's something I am aiming to improve! She then demonstrated some products on both myself and my mum. We were really impressed by the products, both promising ourselves a couple of items to encourage us to get into a proper routine.

We then headed to the front to meet with Nicola from Jane Iredale Cosmetics, a brand I had never heard of until this day. It's a cosmetic line that was founded in 1994 which brought the mineral makeup line jane iredale to the aesthetic industry. She was the first to supply this industry with a line of makeup that had skin care benefits. The company are cruelty free and supporters of various charities, you can read more about them here.

At first I glance I thought that there wouldn't be a colour suitable for my mum who was waiting to be colour matched. Nicola tested some colours on my mums neck and then took her outside to check the colour matched her skin tone, this is the first time I had seen this being done and I thought it was great idea. I've lost count of the times I've sat under the harsh store lighting trying on foundations only to go out in the natural light and find it's the wrong colour for me!

Thank you to L A Perfection for a wonderful open day. I did receive a goody bag but I will review that in a separate post as I'm going to try the items and do a couple of reviews!
If you are in the Oxfordshire area do visit the salon, you can have a look at their website here.
Much Love



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