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Mr C and I recently enjoyed a trip to The Feathers in Woodstock courtesy of a fab Groupon deal that I spotted a few months ago. The hotel is based in the heart of Woodstock and not too far from the beautiful Blenheim Palace. If you visit the palace be sure to have a walk around the town, there are lots of great independent boutiques, pubs and restaurants but, beware of the parking, there's not much but its worth it when you do find a spot!


I'm a huge fan of afternoon teas so I was really excited for this one, miniature cakes seem to just get me excited for some reason!
We started off with a choice of tea or coffee, I chose the Earl Grey Tea and Mr C went for coffee. There were other choices of tea but, as I'm not a huge lover of tea, I just went for one that I had tried before. After pouring in my milk Mr C tells me that you are not meant to put it in Early Grey? Is this true? I just can't imagine have my tea without milk....!

Next up was Elderflower Jelly. At first I thought it was champagne and I got very excited, a nice glass to perk up a grey afternoon! When I saw it was jelly I was like, oh no, I do not like Jelly, an overfill of strawberry jelly and ice cream at kids birthday parties when I was a youngster has left with a dislike of the taste and feeling of jelly. Now, a little bit older and wiser (hopefully), I decided to give jelly a try again, surprisingly it was delightful, the elderflower flavour was fruity, sweet and fresh, you get an instant burst of flavour and then a subtle lingering fruitiness is left. Elderflower jelly, a huge thumbs up - strawberry jelly, I'll pass thank you!
I must also add that our waiter was so lovely, helpful and attentive, even swapping jams for me and offering to bring us extra clotted cream for the scones!

Next was a selection of sandwiches, coronation chicken, tuna and egg mayonnaise, these were not on the plate for long and we were both left wanting more - especially the coronation chicken!

BEST SCONES EVER, that's all I need to write about the second plate on the stack!

The final plate was full of delights, crème brulee, sweetest macaroons, tasty brownies and strawberry shortcakes. I was in heaven, everything was so delicious and we were left feeling satisfied and ready to relax! Now, where to for the next afternoon tea?

You can have a look at their website here.

Here is what I wore, I will be doing separate post and review on this outfit!
Much Love


  1. That afternoon tea looks yummy! (and I always put milk in my Earl Grey!) xx


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