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This is the second skirt that I ordered from Dorothy Perkins. I just happened to see this one as I was browsing and immediately put it in my checkout bag, why? Stripes, that's all!

So, unlike the black one I ordered this one is a win! This one (size 24) is more true to size for me, I had no issues getting it over my thighs this time. The waistband does look slightly small when you hold it up but once its on there is a good amount of stretch to it. The only issue that I have with the skirt is that the pattern on the waist band distorts slightly when you have it on, I only noticed this after Mr C had taken millions of photos! Other than that this is lovely skirt, the jersey material makes it so comfortable for wearing all day - especially whilst I was sat down in a hot stuffy office.

T-Shirt - Gap (old)
Shoes - Primark (old)
Much Love


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