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I've been shopping...I keep saying to myself that I won't buy anymore clothes for awhile and then I see a blogger posting a cute outfit on Instagram and off I run to my laptop, debit card in hand and wondering how I'm going to fit anything else in my wardrobe! Is anyone else the same, please say yes!!

I had seen a few people wearing items from the Dorothy Perkins plus size range and decided to go on online and have a see what other items were on there

I'd been after a midi black skirt for awhile, I ordered a couple from ASOS and New Look Curves but none of them were right so back they went. I spotted this one on the DP website and decided to order it, they also had 24% off for 24 hours.

So, I will get the negatives out the way first. It wasn't until after I ordered that I saw people saying that you need to size up, this is so true for this skirt. The waistband is super tight, it is a real struggle getting it over my thighs, the only way to make it easier for myself was to put on some shaper shorts first and then pull it up, that helped a little but it was still a slow process getting it on especially on a hot evening. Once I had it on the waist fitted perfectly (I'm a size 24) and it draped over my hips better than I expected. The second negative was the fact that it is see through, now for someone who is not so confident about their legs this was a slight issue for me but I loved the way it looked so I decided to keep and show off my legs!

Overall I love this skirt despite the issues getting it on I'm still going to get lots of wear out of it over the summer months.

T-Shirt -New Look Curves
Necklace - Old
Bag - Kate Spade
Thanks for reading!
Much Love


  1. I love this outfit! You look so good and the skirt is really nice. I've bought one thing from DP plus and I found that small fitting too. xx


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