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I recently decided to sign up for My Little box once again after cancelling it this time last year. I was gutted about having to stop the box but I couldn't justify the cost at the time.

As I was still following their Instagram page I was slowly enticed to sign up again and was excited to receive my first box again.  The first one I received was the Coconut Box. After the initial build up of excitement to start receiving them again I was a bit disappointed.

The 3 beauty products are ok, I'm not a fan of coconut scents so I may have to give these away.

Inside was also this Stella and Dot bracelet, cute yes? Not if your wrists are bigger than a childs! It is small, I know my wrists are fat but I'm struggling to see how this fits on any adults wrist unless they are super small! Another item to give away.

Do they have a stock of these sunglasses because I'm pretty sure I got these exact same ones in a box last year. Yep, give away again.

I remained hopeful that the next box (August ), would be better. Unfortunately another average box, nothing that makes me want to keep it going so, once again, this will be my last box. Another reason for cancelling also is that the fact that the courier left it on the doorstep whilst we were away! Luckily my sister happened to go by and saw it there and took it in before any rain fell!

There were a couple of positives in the box, the pineapple print scarf is cute and a bag of my favourite popcorn, yes!

Do you have any other beauty box recommendations?
Much Love


  1. Ah that's a shame. So many beauty boxes are more hit than miss these days. I remember when they first started and were really good but not so much now. xx
    x LoveLeah x


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