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Last week I was kindly invited to a blogger event held at Intu Shopping Centre in Milton Keynes, I can't even say how excited I was to attend a local event. A quick 20 minute drive, an outfit change and I was ready to start the evening!
We all met up in the Waterstones café, I had to resist the urge to have a look at the books AND the stationery, if I buy one more notebook I will be opening my own shop, seriously, why does one person need so much stationery! I would highly recommend the small café that's inside, the hot chocolate was super tasty and the staff were friendly.

Intu MK is home to lots of great shops such as Debenhams, Topshop, New Look and of one my current favourites, Lush. There is also an array of restaurants, places to relax in between bouts of shopping and the famous frog clock! There are plans to extend the centre with more dining, a 5 screen cinema, and yes, more shops. This is all music to my ears.

Style Blogger Megan Ellaby is the fashion ambassador for intu, you can watch her showcasing five of the biggest A/W trends here. You can also shop the trends directly from the Intu site.

Now back to the event. We were all given tasks to do that evening, I've included a picture of my task sheet, there were two so I'm going to do the first task in this post and the second task in a another post later this week.

So, my first stop was New Look to find a bag. Of course I was immediately drawn there, this perhaps had something to do with the fact that about 50% of my wardrobe is from New Look. A good bag is my favourite accessory so that was the first thing that I decided to look for. The MK store has a fantastic range of accessories and shoes! They also had a really good selection of animal print bags  so I did spend a bit longer than necessary choosing one, but eventually I decided on this. I felt it would work well with an evening outfit or during the day.

Black leopard print panel clutch - £12.99

Next stop was H&M. If you saw my twitter post from the night you will have seen the shirt I posted, that was some serious animal print, not what I had in mind for a date night outfit, but something that I would wear for a day of shopping dressed down with some nice converse trainers.

I found this gorgeous shirt that I thought would work well for an evening look paired with either a pencil skirt or some black skinny jeans along with the bag (above) and some heels or, if you have old achy feet like me, some cute flats!

H&M Animal Print Blouse - £19.99

And last of all shoes, I always tell Mr C I'm not really into shoes, then he pointed out that I have over 20 pairs, hmmm - I either need to get some new glasses, sort out my shoe collection or sharpen up my maths skills because I did not realise I had that many.

Right - J by Jasper Conran Leopard print 'Jamie' High Heel - £59
Top - J by Jasper Conran Yellow 'Jenna' high ankle boot -£75
My final piece to complete the outfit are these beautiful flats from Jasper Conran at Debenhams. The heels and boots are also gorgeous but I'm a flats girl so my eyes were immediately drawn to these. I can see these being purchased once payday arrives next Friday!
 J by Jasper Conran Light tan leopard print flat - £45
One last thing, not for the date night outfit, but I saw this coat in Debenhams and I feel like it could be a potential addition to my wardrobe (as long as Mr C doesn't see the price!).

I'll be back Thursday with task two! Check out #intuMKblogger on Twitter to keep up date with my posts and see what the others got up to as well!
Much Love


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