Style | Durham Summer Blues


Ever since I purchased the two dresses from ASOS for the wedding I've become a little bit obsessed with the site again. Daily lunchtime browsing of the ASOS website has suddenly become like a second hobby for me. Two large orders placed but unfortunately most of it was sent back, there were however one or two gems including this dress!

Since we are experiencing some lovely weather in the UK I decided to add another dress to my collection, I wanted something lightweight but could add layers to once the autumn arrives.


This dress from ASOS is a nice lightweight cotton, perfect for the warm weather now and will also work under layers later on in the year. I'm wearing a size 24 which fits true to size, there is a little pulling over the bust but nothing major, I have yet to find a shirt or shirt dress that doesn't do this!
The dress comes to my knees and I'm 5ft 3, it does show my knees (without the leggings), one part of my body that I'm still not confident with, but I'm still going to wear it anyway!
Dress - ASOS
Leggings - Sainsburys
Shoes - Asda

A very windswept me in Durham! I had to put on a cardigan as it was a bit chilly in the wind.
A few pictures of Durham, it was such a lovely place, we are already to planning to go back sometime next year!

 Much Love


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