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Its been a while hey (well apart from Tuesdays post!). Unfortunately I've had to put blogging aside for a few weeks whilst being busy with work and life in general, I also made the mistake of comparing myself to others and getting a bit down about it all but, I feel like I've brushed that all aside and am ready to come back again, slowly but surely!
Todays post is all about an ASOS dress I bought back in July. I did purchase two, one which is featured here and the other one on my instagram. I loved the second one but the spilt at the front didn't make me feel comfortable when I sat down, I didn't want to be tugging and trying to sort out my dress during the wedding and miss all the special moments!

A beautiful setting but a bit chilly!

It was so hot in the hotel and then windy outside my hair didn't stand a chance!

We travelled up towards Durham on the Thursday with a quick stop in Mansfield on the way. The wedding was on the Friday so we wanted enough time to rest and prepare ourselves for it.
This is the dress I wore, its from the ASOS clearance section so I won't leave a link for it but at the end I will leave a link for similar dresses.

The photo quality isn't the best, we took these around 19.00 and it was very cloudy! First of all I have to say that I'm glad I sized up to a 26 in this dress. The top fitted fine, a little big around the back but nothing noticeable, however the bottom was still very fitted, sitting down made it very snug so if you have large hips and thighs like me I would highly recommend sizing up in these wiggle dresses. The material is quite thick, if it had been a hot day it would have probably been quite uncomfortable but it was cloudy and very windy on the day so the thick material kept me warm.

My only other issue was the stictching on the front, there is a large keyhole from the bust to the neck and thread pulled slightly when I put it on, I will be adding a few extra stitches before I wear it again.

I feel like the dress was worth the £35(ish) I paid for it in the sale but I wouldn't pay full price for it, especially as I'm only going to wear it once or twice again.

Dress - ASOS (similar)
Shoes - Kurt Geiger - TK Maxx
Bag - Kate Spade

Much Love


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