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Style | New Kicks

Hi, I've been wanting to buy a new pair of trainers for a while now but nothing seemed to catch my eye. I wanted a pair that were stylish, simple and most importantly comfortable. I'd been everywhere, trying on Skechers, Adidas, Puma and lots of different Nikes, then I finally stumbled upon this pair whilst placing another ASOS order (my last one, for now!). I find it ever so risky buying shoes online, I like to go into a store, grab a few pairs, try on with the right socks, have a wander round the store and then put them all back, seriously, shoe shopping is not a favourite thing of mine. I've only worn these a couple of times but I already know they are a great buy, ticking all the boxes as I mentioned previously. I wore them for a day of shopping and then for a long walk by the beach and my feet did not hurt once, success! I normally suffer quite badly with sore feet, toes and cramp in my shins when I wear ill fitting shoes. The key to the walking on

Lifestyle | Home Haul

  Hi!   I've spent so much time in TK Maxx and Homesense recently that I almost feel like I should work there or live there, one of the two would be fine with me!   I've picked up a few nice things recently so thought that I would share what I had bought. I completely forget to keep the price tags for everything so I will be giving all items a rough guess on pricing, sorry! All of the items should still be in store so if you like it, run to your nearest one soon! Cushion - Around £12.99 - This is going in my little office space, I'm going to have a gold, silver, cream, white theme (ish). I'm liking all those colours at the moment so I'm going to find a way to make them all work together and this cushion is a starting point for inspiration!      Candle - Around £9.99 - This was originally for my office space but it was too big so, I decided to put it on the dining room table and use it as part of Autumn table decoration.    

Style | All Wrapped Up

Hi, I suddenly decided at the end of September that I needed a new Winter coat and so the search began! It's never an easy process for me, I need to find one that's the right length, colour, fit and of course, comfort, a super important factor for me. Along with Mr C's help I choose this one from ASOS, this was from a big order, I don't spend all my time on that site! I always tend to go for a black or blue coat so that they will go with everything but this year I fancied a change. I would have dismissed this one if it wasn't for Mr C persuading me try something different. I'm glad I took his advice and purchased this one.   Its the Boyfriend fit Cocoon coat, I've never tried a boyfriend or cocoon fit before so I wasn't sure how it would look  on me. I originally ordered a 22 but, once again the sizing was off, fitting perfectly up top but too small over the hips. I exchanged and got a 24, its a little too big across the shoulders but

Beauty | Goodbye, My Little Box?

Hi, If you remember my last My Little Box review you may recall that I said it would be my last one, I wasn't overly impressed with the contents and, was a little annoyed that the parcel was delivered and left on the door step in the middle of the day!  Well it turns that I'm pretty rubbish at remembering to cancel the subscription and lo and behold another box arrived mid September, luckily someone was at home this time so no chance of it getting left out in the cold! Cue another month and I have received another one! However this box was slightly better so I may give it until Christmas and make a firm decision before the end of the year! October Box      So, not a bad box hey! I'm quite glad that I forgot to cancel the subscription and received this one. Everything is usable which makes a nice change. The mug is quite small, two sips and you'd be done so I'm going to use this for make up brushes or pens.  

Style | Last drops of Summer

Hello, Autumn is definitely my most favourite season of all. I love the changing colours of the trees, cooler mornings and the anticipation of Christmas! However, there is still a small part of me clinging onto Summer. I'm still going bared legged, forever forgetting to bring a jacket to work and basically still dressing like its July/August.   One new addition to my wardrobe to help me transition slowly from Summer to Autumn are these culottes.     As soon as I saw these I knew I wanted them, they reminded me of a pair I had when I was a child. The youthful me had bright red ones which were worn at every opportunity I could. A vivid memory is of me pairing them with a blue spotty shirt and navy blue knee high socks, I'll leave you to picture that in your heads!         These are from ASOS, I got them about a month ago along with a few other items. I'm wearing a size 24 here but wish I had gone for a 22. The jersey material starts to stretch