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If you remember my last My Little Box review you may recall that I said it would be my last one, I wasn't overly impressed with the contents and, was a little annoyed that the parcel was delivered and left on the door step in the middle of the day!  Well it turns that I'm pretty rubbish at remembering to cancel the subscription and lo and behold another box arrived mid September, luckily someone was at home this time so no chance of it getting left out in the cold!

Cue another month and I have received another one! However this box was slightly better so I may give it until Christmas and make a firm decision before the end of the year!

October Box

So, not a bad box hey! I'm quite glad that I forgot to cancel the subscription and received this one. Everything is usable which makes a nice change. The mug is quite small, two sips and you'd be done so I'm going to use this for make up brushes or pens.
Much Love


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