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I've spent so much time in TK Maxx and Homesense recently that I almost feel like I should work there or live there, one of the two would be fine with me!
I've picked up a few nice things recently so thought that I would share what I had bought. I completely forget to keep the price tags for everything so I will be giving all items a rough guess on pricing, sorry! All of the items should still be in store so if you like it, run to your nearest one soon!

Cushion - Around £12.99 - This is going in my little office space, I'm going to have a gold, silver, cream, white theme (ish). I'm liking all those colours at the moment so I'm going to find a way to make them all work together and this cushion is a starting point for inspiration!

Candle - Around £9.99 - This was originally for my office space but it was too big so, I decided to put it on the dining room table and use it as part of Autumn table decoration.

Pumpkins - £12.99 - I had seen these a couple of times and then I knew when I saw them the third time I had to have them. They are so cute! I had to refrain from buying the larger pumpkins as I wasn't sure where I would put them!

Emma Bridgewater Mouse Mat/Note pad - £2.99. I also got this notepad/mouse mat, I don't need another notepad but I did need a mouse mat for work and it works well to keep me organised during the day!

Moving away from my favourite shops, we then decided to look for some plants especially for the dining room. I'd always wanted some greenery in the house but Mr C was not a fan, however now we have them he really likes it! If you are looking for plants for the house do some research, we had to look for ones that were suitable for shady areas as our dining room gets very little light.

A few favourites that we managed to find are:

Kentia Palm - AKA as Frank (it was my idea to name them, I know, weird!)

Cheese Plant - Kevin
 Yukka Plant - Bob

Money Plant - Dave (do you see a theme with the names here!)

These were priced from £6 - £30. Some plants can be expensive but they have definitely made a difference to the dining room and its coming together nicely!

And last of all I got two things from Primark for my office space. I had seen some really nice items on their Instagram so I hotfooted it down to our local store to find everything I'd seen only to be left disappointed by what was on offer, hence only two items were purchased!

Mug - I'm not a huge fan of marble but I did like the quotation and the gold lettering so in my basket it went! This was £2.50 I believe, but no more than £3.

Giant Peg - £2 - I'd seen this quite a few times, in various blog and Instagram posts. Its great for notes, pictures or on its own.

So that is everything that I purchased. We are doing a lot of redecorating to the house so expect to see a few more posts. Also I've set up another Instagram account just for home stuff, so if you like all of that please give it a follow - home_with_the_coopers

Much Love


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