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I suddenly decided at the end of September that I needed a new Winter coat and so the search began! It's never an easy process for me, I need to find one that's the right length, colour, fit and of course, comfort, a super important factor for me.

Along with Mr C's help I choose this one from ASOS, this was from a big order, I don't spend all my time on that site!

I always tend to go for a black or blue coat so that they will go with everything but this year I fancied a change. I would have dismissed this one if it wasn't for Mr C persuading me try something different. I'm glad I took his advice and purchased this one.

Its the Boyfriend fit Cocoon coat, I've never tried a boyfriend or cocoon fit before so I wasn't sure how it would look  on me. I originally ordered a 22 but, once again the sizing was off, fitting perfectly up top but too small over the hips. I exchanged and got a 24, its a little too big across the shoulders but that doesn't bother me as I would rather the extra room for layering up when the weather gets really cold. The 24 fits perfectly over my hips, allowing me to move around and sit comfortably without the feeling that buttons might pop open or fly off. The sleeves are quite long but I only need roll them up a little bit which I think looks really nice on this jacket.

Another great purchase from ASOS. It kept me so warm during a recent trip up north and walking along the coastline which you can see from these pictures, if I'm going to recommend something like this then I want to make sure I give it a good test! I'm still after a warm casual parka jacket but without the fur (fake of course) trim on, help!!
Coat - ASOS
Scarf - Gap
Chinos - ASOS
Trainers - Nike - ASOS
Bag - Radley
Much Love


  1. This is lovely - I've been debating a camel coat myself, they're just so classic and timeless!

    C xx


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