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I've been wanting to buy a new pair of trainers for a while now but nothing seemed to catch my eye. I wanted a pair that were stylish, simple and most importantly comfortable. I'd been everywhere, trying on Skechers, Adidas, Puma and lots of different Nikes, then I finally stumbled upon this pair whilst placing another ASOS order (my last one, for now!).

I find it ever so risky buying shoes online, I like to go into a store, grab a few pairs, try on with the right socks, have a wander round the store and then put them all back, seriously, shoe shopping is not a favourite thing of mine.

I've only worn these a couple of times but I already know they are a great buy, ticking all the boxes as I mentioned previously. I wore them for a day of shopping and then for a long walk by the beach and my feet did not hurt once, success! I normally suffer quite badly with sore feet, toes and cramp in my shins when I wear ill fitting shoes. The key to the walking on air feeling is the inner sole, the only way I can describe it! The gel inside really moulds to your foot, providing good support and comfort. I tend to walk on the edges of my heel, the edges of my shoes wear down so quickly that finding good supportive shoes and trainers is so important for me.

The quality of the trainers did not disappoint either, I always find Nikes pretty tough and hard wearing. These are canvas with a suede trim and the swoosh is leather. I will be investing in some protection for these, they are too nice to ruin in this wet horrible weather!

I would highly recommend these, even after a handful of outings I know that I will be getting a lot of wear out of them.

Trainers - Nike Via ASOS (sold out - Similar)
Much Love


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