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A few weeks ago I went for a facial at the LA Perfection Salon in Witney. If you are a regular reader you will know that I went to their open day back in June, you can read about that here if you missed it!

I booked in for a facial with Tina. It had been months since I last had one and since my skincare routine has disappeared into thin air once again I thought it would be a good idea to have a really good cleanse and refresh.

After a quick wander around Witney I left Mr C on his own to go and discover the Shake Shop (yes, a shop that specialises in weird and wonderful milk shakes plus other sweet treats) whilst I made my way to the salon. I was greeted by Tina who was doing my facial. We went into the first treatment room at the front, small but as there wasn't too much equipment in there it still felt light and airy.

I had to fill in a short questionnaire with questions regards my skin, medication, allergies etc and then I got myself ready and hopped on the bed.


Tina started by cleansing my face, twice! I had heard of double cleansing before but had never actually tried it, anyway it felt really good, something I will definitely try myself as I spend a lot of my day rubbing my face, partly due to being in a hot office and partly down to stress. Next it was toner, another item that I don't use but will look into doing so in the future. Then I had some cotton pads placed over my eyes and a steamer put in front of my face. I've had this done before, although it feels a bit weird to begin with you slowly begin to relax. I had a little feel of my face after this and it was already feeling incredibly soft.

After that was my favourite part, a massage! First of all my shoulders and then my neck and last of all face, I've never had my face massaged before but I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt so relaxed afterwards and I had to fight to stay awake! Next up was another wipe with toner and then a face mask was applied. This was another favourite, cooling and rejuvenating. Last of all Tina massaged in some moisturiser.

I've waited awhile to write this post so I can give proper review. For 4-5 days after the facial my skin came up in a few little spots, this has happened a couple times after facials previously so I had a feeling it might happen. I just made sure that I used my effaclar face wash and cream every day to prevent the spots from getting worse. Coming into the second week after the facial my skin is looking clear and feels really soft. I've noticed as well that it feels less oily around my nose and forehead and the dryness that I had been experiencing around my mouth has eased up slightly. I was given some samples so during November I'm going to give myself an at home facial one weekend and see how I get on!

If you live in the Oxfordshire area do visit LA Perfection, all information is on their website.

Much Love

*This post contains a gifted item*


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