His & Hers Christmas Wish List


4 weeks till Christmas?! Huh! 2 minutes ago there were 4 months till Christmas, I was planning to be super organised this year, get all my presents early, have them wrapped before mince pies were on the shelves and have cards in letterboxes before 2017 arrived.

One thing I do have organised is my wish list for Mr C . These are only a few items from my actual list, whether I actually receive them is another story but, a few strategically placed notes and pictures should help. Mr C is also getting in on the action here with his wish list as well!

Mr Cs Wish List:

Okay, anybody that has ever met me knows I am obsessed by 5 things: Football, Cars, Trainers, Watches and Electronics. Now, I was going to include a new football shirt but Natalie is always saying I have too many as it is (how many is too many??). So, how about a new car on my wish list........ then Natalie reminded me I only changed my car a few months ago so that idea was scuppered. So, below are my 3 items and each, I believe, are pretty sensible - don't you think!?

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers
 Trainers are my thing, I would quite happily fill a room with them if I could.  These Adidas Stan Smiths are top of my wish list for Christmas, I already have a pair in navy blue and they are so comfortable, its like walking in slippers, perfect for walking around with Natalie whilst she shops!

Panasonic Wireless Speakers
There is no better way to cheer myself than having a good old sing along much to Natalie's dismay! These wireless speakers from Panasonic would be perfect for me to listen to all my favourite Christmas songs! They have a whole range of features including Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to connect to other Panasonic wireless speakers via their music streaming app. First song, Shakin Stevens of course! Merry Christmas Everyone!! (you can thank me later for having that stuck in your head all day!)

Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch

When I'm not buying trainers, listening to music or carrying shopping bags, I do like a nice watch. I have quite a nice a collection so far with room for some more and this Casio Edifice , a little retro brand with an up to date element, would make a great addition to it. Its one these pieces that would work with smart outfits and also with casual outfits for the weekend.

Natalie's Wish List:

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum
I love perfumes and have about 12 in my collection so far. I absolutely adore the scent, perfect for day and night, its gorgeous. I recently got a sample of this and have been using sparingly until a full size one arrives under the tree (hopefully this year) Mr C, I know you're reading this!
    Apple MacBook Pro

Ok, so this one might be a little ambitious but a new laptop is definitely on the list, a MacBook in particular. Writing all these posts , uploading photos and editing videos is taking its toll on my old Sony laptop. Depending on Mr C's budget I may see one this year, if not maybe next year, who knows!

Longchanp La Pliage Neo Large Shopper
I have a feeling that this is one item that I will see under the tree this year, I've given Mr C so many hints over the past few months that I'm beginning to feel like a parrot, but hopefully not looking like one! I feel like this is going to be the perfect casual weekend bag to add to my collection!

What is on your wish list for this year?
Much Love
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