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I finally thought that I would get back into wearing jeans and jeggings after having a period of not wanting to wear anything but dresses and skirts but, unfortunately the Sainsburys jeggings that I thought were perfect have let me down. They seem to have stretched so much that I spend 90% of my time battling to keep them up by my waist rather than down by my ankles!

I decided to try a pair of chinos that I had spotted on ASOS during another browsing session, evening not lunchtime, not that it makes much difference!


I first ordered these in a size 22, recently I noticed that the sizing had gone a bit awry on ASOS so I decided to go down a size...bad idea, they got as far as mid thigh and that was it. A swift exchange and a size 24 and 26 were on their way to me.

Both sizes fit, the 26 are a tad too big but I thought that they were perfect for casual weekend look or the monthly bloated feeling, so I decided to keep them. The 24 fit true to size, not much room to stretch in these but they are still comfortable and wearable. They do sit quite low on the hips, I normally wear high waist trousers so I didn't expect to like these as much as I do. The length is perfect is on me at 5ft 3, I've also worn them rolled up which looks perfect with my pointed shoes. My only issue with them is that they attract all the dust, fluff and everything in between, I feel like I need to be carrying a permanent lint roller around to keep them looking clean!

Chinos - ASOS
Tee - New Look (last season)
Coat - ASOS
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins (old)

Much Love


  1. You look amazing Nat. Always so stylish! xx
    x LoveLeah x

  2. You look amazing - these are very very chic, especially with the striped tee!

    I have to carry a lint roller around with me whenever wearing any kind of suit material - especially with Sir Fergus malting all the time!

    C xx


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