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Fashion | Top 5 Favourite Outfits of 2016

Hi! I thought that I would put together a quick post of my top 5 outfits of 2016. As you can see there is definite theme...stripes! I rarely wore stripes before, widely known as a no no if you are fat but, I'm not a follower of rules so I went ahead and rocked my stripes! I think in 2017 I may try a bit more colour though! Maybe!   Much Love   Natalie   x

Lifestyle | My blogging Journey

Hi, This is a post about my blogging journey, some of the good and bad bits and where I'm going now! First post: Back in December 2012 whilst on holiday from work I stumbled across Girl with Curves and spent hours obsessing over Tanesha's incredible style and outfits. On New Years Day 2013 I decided to write my first post ! Exciting hey! I really had no idea about blogging and how it worked, I just knew that I wanted to start one. I never really had a set theme of what I want to blog about so it was literally everything and anything! What I wish I had know back then: I wish I had known about the power of social media. I've had my twitter account since 2011/12 but never really started using it properly until last year when I discovered things like buffer and Tweetdeck, oh how good scheduling tweets! If there was one piece of advice that I would give to a new blogger is to get your social media sorted as soon as you set up your blog! I was also really lazy w

Lifestyle | Merry Christmas 2016

Hi! Are you all ready for Christmas? It's been quite the mad rush for us this year, a never ending stream of work to do round the house in preparation for our first time hosting dinner at our place, eeek! If anyone has any tips please let me know! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect placemats as I type this, why is dinner for one day so stressful! I also want to say thank you to everyone that has read my posts, left comments and liked my Instagram posts. It really means a lot to me and, even though I'm terrible at replying, I do appreciate each and every one. I am having a little giveaway at the end of this post so keep reading if you want to enter!   This is the Christmas House. They do this every year to raise money for local charities so after you've donated you can take some pictures too!         On a final note, please remember that a lot of us will not be feeling the same about Christmas,  someone you might know may be

Fashion | My First Christmas Jumper

Hi! So, after many years without one I finally purchased my very first Christmas jumper! I had been debating on whether to purchase one or no and, when I saw a lovely white and gold one on ASOS, I ended up procrastinating for far too long and my size sold out. Then, I saw the lovely Steph from Nerd About Town wearing the most glorious jumper and I knew I had to have it, I was finally going to get my Christmas jumper!       Joanie clothing is relatively new to me, I first saw Em from TerribleTumbles looking gorgeous as always in their adverts but it wasn't until I saw Steph in the jumper and this skirt that I decided to take the plunge and order! I wore this outfit yesterday for my work Christmas lunch but took the red lip off before going, there was a lot of food to be eaten and this was too glossy to stay on after some serious turkey eating!     I ordered the jumper in an XXL as I am always a little nervous about ordering from somewhere new, sizing c

Style | A Grey Day

Hi! A few weeks ago Mr C and I took a trip to Northampton to do some Christmas shopping. I had all good intentions of having my shopping done by the beginning of December, compared to last year which turned into a weekend before mad rush, however, I failed! Not only did we not get any presents but at the time of writing this post we still only have one gift! Is it me or does the fun of the festive period lose its sparkle as we get older! Ok, no more moaning before I turn into the Grinch! Whilst we were there we had a look in New Look. Trying to find one of their stores with a decent Curves section is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So when I spotted a fairly decent selection of clothing in the corner I was pleasantly surprised. I came away with three bags of stuff, a miracle! Two of the items have since become essentials in my wardrobe. First of all this coat, a real step outside my comfort zone. I always stay away from long coats as I'm very short but af

Style | Weekend Style

Hi! I wasn't planning on buying anything when it was Black Friday, but somehow I sucked into that black hole of late night shopping and ended up buying more clothes that I don't really need but just somehow can't resist! I spotted this dress after Bethany of Arched Eyebrow tweeted about it. I've been looking for some casual dresses for the weekend as I've been reaching for the same outfit most weekends, so this seemed like a good addition to my wardrobe. I've worn the dress once so far and I'm so pleased I purchased it. I got this in a size 22 and it fits perfectly on me, slightly loose which makes it so comfortable.  It does have a raw hem on the sleeve and bottom so it literally looks like I've taken the kitchen scissors to it but gives it a really casual look which I like. The only downside to it is that it creases quite easily, you can see on the arms where they go slightly scrunched under my jacket.     Hat - Primar

Beauty | My Little Box - December

Hi! It's that time again, My Little Box for December is here! I'm still deciding as to whether to cancel my subscription or not, each time I say I am they send out a really good box which once again leaves me feeling very indecisive as to what to do! Once again I really like all of the contents of the box, this has been the same for the past 3 boxes which is great, I may just see what Januarys is like and then make a firm decision, honestly! This bracelet actually fits this time!      I don't like eating Gingerbread but I adore the smell!       Much Love   Natalie   x

Beauty | Clinique Event at intuMK

Hi, Clinique is a brand that is well known all over the world. In 1967 dermatologist Norman Orentreich came up with the idea that great skin can be created. 1968 saw the launch of the brand along with their iconic 3-Step Skin Care System, the first ever dermatologist created, allergy tested, 100% fragrance free beauty products ever marketed. Last Monday I was invited to the Clinique event at intu Milton Keynes. I was really looking forward to attending, not only to meet some other lovely bloggers but to learn more about the brand that introduced my 19 year old self to good quality skincare and makeup. Making that jump from drugstore own brands to Clinique made me feel suddenly rather grown up! After a brief but thorough introduction to the brand by the lovely Suzie and Cory, they explained more about the Sonic brush system. I had seen this quite a few times, in magazines and also on various vloggers YouTube channels. I still wasn't too convinced about it eve