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Clinique is a brand that is well known all over the world. In 1967 dermatologist Norman Orentreich came up with the idea that great skin can be created. 1968 saw the launch of the brand along with their iconic 3-Step Skin Care System, the first ever dermatologist created, allergy tested, 100% fragrance free beauty products ever marketed.

Last Monday I was invited to the Clinique event at intu Milton Keynes. I was really looking forward to attending, not only to meet some other lovely bloggers but to learn more about the brand that introduced my 19 year old self to good quality skincare and makeup. Making that jump from drugstore own brands to Clinique made me feel suddenly rather grown up!

After a brief but thorough introduction to the brand by the lovely Suzie and Cory, they explained more about the Sonic brush system. I had seen this quite a few times, in magazines and also on various vloggers YouTube channels. I still wasn't too convinced about it even after reading and seeing all these reviews. When Suzie asked if anyone would be happy to be a tester in the demonstration I was more than happy to oblige, hoping to squash any doubts I had about it!
First of all Cory applied some of the liquid facial soap to my cheeks and chin, once it had lathered up I was given the sonic brush with the dual bristle head. As soon as I put it on my face I was sold, it was so cooling and refreshing on my skin. I could feel the bristles working on removing the thick layer of Nars Concealer that I had on. If you wear this you will know that although it's amazing it really feels heavy after awhile. The green bristles are slightly thicker to really remove dirt in hard to reach areas and then the white ones are softer for a gentle deep clean. Afterwards Corey wiped toner over my skin, this is one test I usually do to see if a cleanser has done its job and I can honestly say that there was only a slight, like the tiniest bit, of makeup on the pads. I'm so impressed that after Christmas I will definitely be investing in one.

The brush is completely waterproof so you can pop it in the shower with you to use. You can also buy additional heads, even one for men and a massaging treatment (the silver one) brush! You can find more information about the Sonic Brushes here.
We also learnt how to find out what skin type we have and also did the skin sellotape test. I won't give anymore away on that, if you want to find out more head to your local Clinique counter to take the test!
After the demo of the Sonic Brush I had the chance to try some foundation. Many years ago I used to use the superbalanced make up. Corey applied the superbalanced silk foundation to my skin using the foundation buff brush. I was really surprised at how light it felt on my skin and, more so, how well it matched my tone - you really couldn't tell I was wearing foundation. I was also given a sample to take away and try. It's been awhile since I found a decent foundation so could this be the one?!

If you are looking for Christmas presents, Clinique in Debenhams have the Sonic Brush gift set which would be ideal for the beauty loving friend or family member! If you go to the Clinique counter in Debenhams at intu Milton Keynes, mention my blog for a free treat!
Last of all we were given these gorgeous goodie bags to take away!
I would like to finally say a huge thank you to intu Milton Keynes, Debenhams and Suzie and Cory at the Clinique counter for a fun and informative evening.
Much Love


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