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This is a post about my blogging journey, some of the good and bad bits and where I'm going now!

First post:

Back in December 2012 whilst on holiday from work I stumbled across Girl with Curves and spent hours obsessing over Tanesha's incredible style and outfits. On New Years Day 2013 I decided to write my first post! Exciting hey! I really had no idea about blogging and how it worked, I just knew that I wanted to start one. I never really had a set theme of what I want to blog about so it was literally everything and anything!

What I wish I had know back then:

I wish I had known about the power of social media. I've had my twitter account since 2011/12 but never really started using it properly until last year when I discovered things like buffer and Tweetdeck, oh how good scheduling tweets! If there was one piece of advice that I would give to a new blogger is to get your social media sorted as soon as you set up your blog! I was also really lazy when it came to Instagram, I'm pretty sure that if I had posted more regularly on this platform I would possibly have double the amount of followers I have now, maybe more!

Least favourite post(s):

I wish I had never started my TDT (trim down Thursday) posts. When I first started blogging my body confidence was still really low, there were parts of my body that I hated, there were times when I thought about giving up as I was embarrassed about my body. The TDT posts were a way of shaming myself into dieting, I don't recommend this, it never did and never will work. The more I got into Twitter and found people like Leah, the more my body confidence grew. I decided to stop the posts and made the decision that it was the last time I would ever go on a diet. The more I read about body positivity the less I wanted to diet, even though I've put on a little bit of weight my mind and body feel more healthy.

Favourite Post(s):

I can't really pin one post down as favourite. My favourite type of posts are style, I love the process of putting together an outfit, finding a place to shoot and then putting the post together. I've really enjoyed a lot of my posts from this year, I feel like my style has evolved and I've found a place that I feel comfortable in. I'll never be a blogger that stays on trend, I wear what I find comfortable and what suits me.

Why I started blogging:

In 2012 I became really ill, I won't got into too much detail here, its a super long story but as I spent 3 months at home in recovery I felt bit lost and frustrated with life, being stuck at home for such a long time was difficult and a lot of things had changed. After reading Girl with Curves I decided to start my own, I wanted something positive to focus on and take my mind of what had been a horrendous year. I'm always so happy that I started the blog, I've got to do so many exciting things, been to different places and met so many wonderful people.

Equipment now and then:

When I first started I used a Nikon Bridge camera, it was a good camera and could have given me amazing pictures if I had taken the time to learn how to use it properly! Some of my earlier posts are awful, let me be honest. I had no idea about lighting, adding props or Pic Monkey! There are some shots taken on my old iPhone which I now rarely do. In December 2014 Mr C and I decided to invest in a DSLR, the Nikon D3200 and it made such a difference. As Mr C takes all my outfit shots he spent time learning how to use the camera and now I'm so much happier with my pictures. I tend to always take them in natural light where possible but now with these winter nights coming I've invested in some lights to do some indoor shots.

What would I change:

My blog name?! I don't know, sometimes I think its too long, not cool enough, a bit weird?! But, its me, I love gardening, being outdoors and around nature, I also love clothes and shopping, that's part of the reason why I came up with the name, I think I made a joke with Mr C about needing a wheelbarrow to carry all my clothes and it just stuck!

Where am I going:

There was a point this year where I almost shut down my blog, I was going through a really bad period and did the worst thing I could possibly have done, compare myself to bigger and more popular bloggers. It only took a couple of days to get it into my head that my layout was rubbish, my Instagram was crap, my outfits were not on 'trend' and that everything was awful! I was putting far too much pressure on myself, aiming to blog three times a week and holding down an incredibly busy full time job. It all got too much and I had the longest break from my blog that I'd ever had. I felt uninspired, lost and tired. Then after 3 weeks I slowly began to get myself back together and reminded myself it was just a hobby, it didn't pay the bills. After 4 weeks I realised I missed blogging and I got the sudden urge to start writing down ideas, my mojo was back!

I'm just enjoying blogging at the moment , I don't put myself under any time constraints (unless its brand work with a deadline) and I literally just go with the flow. If I have lots of content and I'm happy to use it, I'll do it, if I don't have anything then I don't stress, I'll post a few more things on Instagram so no-one forgets my little face!

Last of all I want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog, follows me on Instagram and Twitter. Even though I don't reply to every comment I'm super grateful for each one that I receive. I hope that you all stick around for as long as I keep blogging!

Much Love


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