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Today is part two of my Winter Wish List with intu Milton Keynes. Here is part one of my post in case you missed it!

Amazing stocking fillers under £20
From gin and tonic bath salts (oh, yes!), to super chic marble notebooks, we have the best bargain buys to snap up for stocking fillers....

Find five items under £20 you would love to discover in your stocking on Christmas morning!

First I went into Gap, one of my favourite shops in intu. There were so many lovely items on their accessories wall I had real trouble choosing one item. I finally picked out this striped wool bobble hat. I'm really hoping that this hat will be in my stocking this year, isn't it so cute!


  (Please excuse my hat hair!)
Now anyone that knows me will know how much I love scarves, I have about 30 so, one more to add to the collection won't hurt!
Of course there had to be a Lush item on this list! I choose this Santasaurus because it looked so cute but they also had a great selection of gift boxes for under £20.

Next stop was New Look, after spending far too much time looking at their jewellery and giving major hints to Mr C (like this picture below!), I went over to look at the homeware section. I can never have enough candles in the house, not just for decoration but also to cope with the numerous power cuts we have in the village!

Salted Caramel Candle - New Look - £7.99
This smells gorgeous! Look at me rushing to grab it from the shelf to pop in my basket!
Last stop was Waterstones, I don't know how I made it this far without buying more! I went straight to look at the notebooks, a blogging necessity for me, and saw this cute Cath Kidson one. It looks like the right size to fit in my handbag and has plenty of space in the back for notes.

 Cath Kidson Diary from Waterstones - £12.00

So, those are my stocking picks for Christmas. I already know my stocking isn't big enough so I'm off to buy a new one!

The final task was a selfie in the Christmas Village. Now by the time I got there it was closed but I managed to take a quick photo, albeit not my best!


Tired after walking round all the shops!
What's on your stocking filler wish list?!
Much Love


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