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Style | Bread, Milk and a Skirt

Hi, January sales, there I was fully expecting to go crazy, buying more clothes, shoes and make up that I didn't really need and then spending hours wondering where I would fit them all but, to my surprise I bought some perfume, a diary and this skirt, that's it, not even ASOS could tempt with me anything. I had seen this Plisse trend quite a lot, very unsure about it I wondered if it would suit me so, when I saw this skirt on the sale rail at half price (£9 I think) at Sainsburys I quickly snapped it up. Now, if you read my posts last year you will know how much love I have for Tu Clothing, its even got to the point where I will insist to Mr C that we need to drive those extra few miles to get some bread and milk from there!   When I got it home and tried it on I almost put it straight back in the bag and took it back. The material is not forgiving, it clings to everything and accentuates my large thighs and bottom. The old me would have taken it back without a s

Lfiestyle | Goodbye January

Hi! I can't lie when I say that January is my least favourite month but I can definitely say it for January 2017 more than ever.   For someone who has struggled for many years with body image/confidence I always find this time of year difficult, the constant bombardment of diets, exercise DVD's and "inspirational" weight loss stories is all too much and makes me feel so self conscious about myself. I understand that there are people who want to get healthy, lose weight, make resolutions to get into the gym every day and that's fine - but when you open up every magazine, or watch your favourite programme and have to deal with a stream of diet ads then that's when it all starts to get into your mind. Society reminding you of what they think you should be. I did this once, 12 years ago to be precise. I started WW not long after the New Year, I hated myself so much I would cry at night, not only that but I thought that if I lost weight I would find th

Style | My 3 Wardrobe Essentials

Hi! I have been loving ASOS recently, I only really started ordering stuff from their website in 2015 after seeing other plus size bloggers wearing items from this brand. I find that some items can be pretty pricey though so I usually take a risk and wait until they have a sale on and then go a bit wild and place a huge order! These are three of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe from ASOS. Ones that I reach to time and time again. I went for a lot of wardrobe essentials as I like to call them, items that I can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. The T-Shirt I only have these in two colours at the moment, black and white but they are definitely a wardrobe essential for me. So easy to throw on with a pair of trousers for work or for weekend wear like in this photo. I love shirt dresses, this one fits but when I sit down its a little tight over the hips, it was too late to send it back so I just wear it open along with the tee and the ASOS chinos. The Chi

Beauty | The Nude Oil

  Hi, 2015 was the first time I ever tried a facial oil. I was really sceptical about them at first, the idea of putting oil onto my already oily skin scared me a little! The first oil I tried was the Trilogy Rosehip, one that I had read so many reviews about and it did live it up to the hype.     At the beginning of December I thought that I would try another product from Sephora that my sister had bought me back from the US. It was mainly for dry skin which was perfect for now, the central heating and cold weather had taken a toll on my skin, leaving me with dry patches around my mouth, chin and cheeks.   Once again I was a little bit unsure about using an oil but as I'd developed the dry patches I was hoping it would help.     After 5 weeks of using the oil I can honestly say my skin has improved 100%. I noticed a difference after a week of using it, no dry patches, no spots and scarring that I'd had from spots a few months prior to using it have

Style | The Second Time

Hi! Last year I was kindly gifted a gorgeous black dress from Lovedrobe. I showed how I would style for Christmas parties in this post but, unfortunately, I didn't get to go to any parties so I didn't get to show it off! I didn't want it to languish in my wardrobe so I spent an hour or so trying different ways to wear it and I finally came up with an outfit that I loved. I've been trying to find some new outfits to wear to work without spending too much money. I have so many items in my wardrobe not being worn so 2017 is definitely going to be a year of shopping my wardrobe for work wear with a few possible additional purchases.  I like to mix things up at work, we don't have a strict dress code but some days I like to look super smart and other days smart casual.   Of course I'm still wearing the camel jacket, this is going to be a staple until the summer!   Shirt - ASOS Dress - Lovedrobe * Necklace - Local Boutique Coat

Style | A Bright Day

Hi! Just before Christmas I popped into Sainsburys to get some last minute presents and food. I can never go in there without having peek to see what Tu have to offer! I bought quite a lot of things from there last year including one of my favourite dresses! I said that I wanted to inject some colour into my wardrobe so as soon as I saw this skirt I knew it would be a perfect way to kick start the colourful new year! I spent ages debating as to whether to buy it or not, I spent so many years not wearing anything bright so as not to draw attention to myself and sometimes those doubts come back. Once I had it on I soon changed my mind though, I love it! I'm wearing a size 22 here, its a little bit big on the waist but that's perfect for tucking a jumper in to change the look. The material is a lovely thick cotton/poly mix, the sort that creases easily but still looks good! This is going to be perfect for casual weekend wear or for work. S

Style | Winter Layers

Hi! I have so many items from my summer wardrobe that I enjoyed wearing so I really want to find ways to continue wearing them into the winter months. One of the main ways to do this I find is by layering. T-Shirts or tunics with cardigans or shirts over the top and a warm jacket to complete the look.   You may have seen this tunic before in another post. It was definitely one of my most favourite outfits from 2016. I didn't want to stop wearing it so I paired it with a denim shirt dress from F21 that I've had for ages and also my new favourite coat from New Look, highly inappropriate for winter as it doesn't do up but I love it!   Hat - Gap Bag - Radley Coat - New Look Shirt Dress - Forever 21 (old) Dress - Tu at Sainsburys (old) Leggings - Tu at Sainsburys - Available in store Boots - New Look (old)   I love this gorgeous winter sun!   Much Love   Natalie x

Lifestyle | Happy 4th Birthday!

Hi! So, here I am, 4 years later, still blogging! Not something that I thought that I would be writing, Mr C will tell you, I am notorious for not keeping up with hobbies, knitting, crochet, cross stitch and card making are just a few things that I have tried over the years. It didn't take me long to realise that I was never going to be knitting a scarf for Mr C, the needles usually ended up on the floor out of frustration!   I think the key to enjoying a hobby is to find something that you really enjoy. I've always enjoyed shopping and clothes, even as a 7 year old I remember making sure that the pink bow on my knee high socks matched the pink on my skirt and top!   I'm not going to write lots on here about blogging, I recently wrote about my blogging journey which you can read here . I also wrote some other posts for my 4 year anniversary, you can read my favourite posts or my style journey. I've said this many a time before but thank you to everyone

Lifestyle | Favourite Posts over the years

  Hi!   This post took a long time to put together, I have so many favourite posts it was difficult to choose and also I had to pick from almost 600 posts! I think I might do this again later on in the year, a roundup of my favourite posts from over the years or months!      Flash The Flesh - Going all the way back to 2013 What being a fat woman is really like   Curvissa Event   My First Time as Bridesmaid   Hello Oxford!  Much Love Natalie x

Lifestyle | 4 Years of Style

Hi! I can't believe I've been blogging for 4 years now! I've got a longer post coming later this week all about it but before that there will be various posts about my blogging years coming up! My style has definitely evolved over the years, when I first started I was too shy to have my photo taken to put online, it was eventually Mr C that encouraged me to do so! I never really blogged to show trends or what was currently in stores, I just wanted to showcase my personal style and discover others as well! So, this was my very first 'OOTD' post back in 2013     My First OOTD with me in it!     My 2013 uniform consisted of mainly trousers, black, for work and jeans for the weekend. Dresses were only for special occasions and I was always trying to hide my stomach, thighs and arms. I still had a lot of body hang ups back then.     2014     I finally discovered a love of