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2015 was the first time I ever tried a facial oil. I was really sceptical about them at first, the idea of putting oil onto my already oily skin scared me a little! The first oil I tried was the Trilogy Rosehip, one that I had read so many reviews about and it did live it up to the hype.

At the beginning of December I thought that I would try another product from Sephora that my sister had bought me back from the US. It was mainly for dry skin which was perfect for now, the central heating and cold weather had taken a toll on my skin, leaving me with dry patches around my mouth, chin and cheeks.
Once again I was a little bit unsure about using an oil but as I'd developed the dry patches I was hoping it would help.

After 5 weeks of using the oil I can honestly say my skin has improved 100%. I noticed a difference after a week of using it, no dry patches, no spots and scarring that I'd had from spots a few months prior to using it have started to disappear. The oil has a slight musky floral scent to it, nothing overpowering though. Two drops are all that's needed, that's more than enough to cover your face.
The lid has a dropper (not sure if that's the correct term!) attached to it and a button on the top which when pressed sucks up oil, which means there is very little mess and better control of how much you require, such a clever design!
I would highly recommend this oil especially if you are looking for something non greasy and moisturising. At £58 for a 30ml bottle it is very expensive but this would last me over 6 months using it day and night and the way my skin looks right now its absolutely worth it!
You can read more about Nude Skincare here
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