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I can't lie when I say that January is my least favourite month but I can definitely say it for January 2017 more than ever.
For someone who has struggled for many years with body image/confidence I always find this time of year difficult, the constant bombardment of diets, exercise DVD's and "inspirational" weight loss stories is all too much and makes me feel so self conscious about myself. I understand that there are people who want to get healthy, lose weight, make resolutions to get into the gym every day and that's fine - but when you open up every magazine, or watch your favourite programme and have to deal with a stream of diet ads then that's when it all starts to get into your mind. Society reminding you of what they think you should be.

I did this once, 12 years ago to be precise. I started WW not long after the New Year, I hated myself so much I would cry at night, not only that but I thought that if I lost weight I would find the man of my dreams and life would be perfect, I mean why wouldn't it be, all my friends were slim and had boyfriends, the perfect lives.

A year later I was 6 stone lighter, had a boyfriend and a good job. Was I happy? No. Did I have the perfect life? No. Did I have a fantastic boyfriend? No. In fact I was more miserable than I was a year ago, I was caught in a vicious trap of 2 gym visits a day, starving myself to make sure I hit my weight loss goal each week and putting up with a boyfriend who treated me like I was nothing. That period of my life definitely changed my way of looking at diets, I gave up on them altogether. And, although I've put the weight back on, I'm infinitely happier. I have days when I want to eat all the crap, maybe those days drag into weeks and then I will have a period when I want to eat every vegetable and salad I see, balance I call it. There are some weeks when I want to go for walks and do some yoga but on the other days I want to sit at home on the sofa all day in my PJ's and be lazy. I would like to get a little bit fitter this year but I'm not joining a gym, I know it won't last and the guilt that hangs over me is unbearable and is definitely not good for my bank balance!

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is if you're fat you can still live your life, a good one, you can do anything you want to do, go places, meet someone, wear gorgeous clothes. If you want to lose weight do it how you feel comfortable doing it. Don't let these big weight loss companies take your money, don't believe that the z list celebrity fitness video will give you the body and life you are after. Be kind to yourself, look after yourself and more importantly enjoy life!

Much Love


  1. Well said, Natalie!

    January can't end soon enough for me, either. xx


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