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January sales, there I was fully expecting to go crazy, buying more clothes, shoes and make up that I didn't really need and then spending hours wondering where I would fit them all but, to my surprise I bought some perfume, a diary and this skirt, that's it, not even ASOS could tempt with me anything.

I had seen this Plisse trend quite a lot, very unsure about it I wondered if it would suit me so, when I saw this skirt on the sale rail at half price (£9 I think) at Sainsburys I quickly snapped it up. Now, if you read my posts last year you will know how much love I have for Tu Clothing, its even got to the point where I will insist to Mr C that we need to drive those extra few miles to get some bread and milk from there!

When I got it home and tried it on I almost put it straight back in the bag and took it back. The material is not forgiving, it clings to everything and accentuates my large thighs and bottom. The old me would have taken it back without a second thought but, when I put it on again and tried with different tops and finally I thought, yeah I look good. Without sounding egotistical I've had quite a few of these days recently, just looking at myself, thinking yeah, fat and cute. Its not a bad thing loving yourself, it actually feels really damn good!

The material is poly blend mix, not the most luxurious feeling unfortunately. The skirt gave me so much static I had constant electric shocks, luckily it looked so good on I was able to forget  the searing pain in my fingers from the shocks! I 'm wearing this in a size 22, the biggest size in the Tu range. I really wish they would extend their sizing or bring back their plus size range they had a few years ago.

Coatigan - New Look (old)
T-Shirt - ASOS
Necklace - Boutique (old)
Skirt - Tu at Sainsburys - Available in store
Shoes - Primark (old)


  1. Cute skirt, I love that colour on you! I recently bought a dress in that same material and static really is an issue, lol! The things we suffer for fashion. ;)

    Also: "Its not a bad thing loving yourself, it actually feels really damn good!" A million times YAS to this!!! <3

  2. Oh, you look amazing - this skirt really suits you and it's such a bargain!

    C xx


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