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I have been loving ASOS recently, I only really started ordering stuff from their website in 2015 after seeing other plus size bloggers wearing items from this brand. I find that some items can be pretty pricey though so I usually take a risk and wait until they have a sale on and then go a bit wild and place a huge order!

These are three of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe from ASOS. Ones that I reach to time and time again. I went for a lot of wardrobe essentials as I like to call them, items that I can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe.

The T-Shirt

I only have these in two colours at the moment, black and white but they are definitely a wardrobe essential for me. So easy to throw on with a pair of trousers for work or for weekend wear like in this photo. I love shirt dresses, this one fits but when I sit down its a little tight over the hips, it was too late to send it back so I just wear it open along with the tee and the ASOS chinos.

The Chinos

These chinos are a great alternative to jeans as I just can't seem to find a decent pair at the moment. I wrote a review about these last year, you can read it here. I purchased two pairs, one in my normal size of a 24 and one size up for something to throw on quickly for a trip to the shop or petrol station!

The Coat

I was going to put a dress as an essential but, lets face it, I literally wear this all the time! Finding a good winter coat is so difficult so when Mr C suggested I gave this one a try I was a bit unsure at first but, as soon as I put it on, I loved it! It works perfectly for work and also with jeans or my chinos for a smart casual look.

These are some items that I currently have my eye on! Going to sit and wait for the sale now!



Do you have any current favourites from ASOS?
Much Love


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