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Beauty | L'Occitane Hand Cream

Hi   For Christmas I got a lot of beauty products, not that I needed anymore, I've had to keep all of the My Little Box boxes just to fit everything in, organised by category of course!   I got this set of L'Occitane hand creams as a gift from my work colleague which was totally unexpected. I had one of those 'oh my goodness' how lovely but I haven't got you anything moments, cue the quickest trip to Bicester Village the same for some last minute present shopping! I can't go for a day without using a hand cream, I suffer quite badly from dry hands especially around my nails. This gets worse during the winter months, its not uncommon for me to cream my hands every couple of hours during the day. My "go to" hand cream is the Vaseline Intensive Hand Cream, I have been using it for years now, not only does it leave my hands soft but I swear it helps my nails grow, it could just be my imagination though! If you are not a fan of heavil

Lifestyle | The Maytime Inn

Earlier this month Mr C surprised me with a weekend break for my birthday. It couldn't have come at a better time in my opinion, despite having a break at the end of December, which feels like a lifetime ago, the month of January turned out to be so hectic that by the start of February we were in desperate need of some R and R! Now, I did have a little bit of a say in where we were going, the last short break that I left Mr C to organise by himself ended up with me looking to go home the same evening we got there, hence my rather much needed input this time to ensure the perfect night away! After a late night of birthday celebrations on the Saturday we got up a little later on Sunday before doing a spot of hasty last minute packing (my absolute bug bear). We finally headed out the door at lunchtime. After 45 minutes we arrived in Burford. We had visited here a few times before and I absolutely adore it, full of quaint shops, restaurants and wonderful country feeling

Style | ASOS Trousers

Hi I thought it was about time to invest in some more work trousers, I have been wearing my favourite Yours Clothing ones for a few years now. They are super comfortable but I wanted something slightly more tapered as the Yours ones are a bootcut. I purchased these ones from ASOS a couple of weeks ago along with a few other items, I actually bought everything at full price which is very unusual for me, I do like a sale item    I got these trousers in a size 24. I would say that they are definitely true to size, but if you like stretch in your trousers then I would suggest sizing up, there is no give in these at all especially around the waist. In terms of length they were perfect on my 5ft 3 frame, normally I have to get the hems taken up but these hit the tops of my feet which is fine for me. I was also really impressed at how they washed and dried, barely any creasing and so quick and easy to iron. My new shoes, I'm in love! Jacket - ASOS Trousers -

Style | Down by the lake

One of my favourite things to do when we go to Milton Keynes is to have a wander around one of the lakes. There are quite a few, so far I've been to Furzton, Willen and my favourite Caldecotte , which is where these pictures were taken. It was such a beautiful day when we went, despite the chilly start the sun then made an appearance and it was lovely. I asked Mr C to take a few snaps of me once he finished photographing all the ducks, swans and geese! I bought this shirt and pair of shoes recently from New Look. They were definitely late night random purchases but once they arrived and I'd tried them on I was super happy. The shirt is a little something different for me as I rarely wear shirts, they always end up gaping over the bust on me. I sized up to a 24 with this one and although it's slightly big on me I really like the oversized effect it gives and it means no gaping across the bust! Again, the shoes are something unusual for me as I'

Lifestyle | No Resolutions

I have completely given up on making New Year resolutions. I can't actually remember a year that I have stuck to any that I make. I thought last year would be better because rather than just settings goals I broke them down into smaller achievable (or so I thought) targets that I set myself each month. Have a read of the blog post from the end of last year of all my goals I achieved here, oh wait, hold on, you can't because I didn't write anything because I didn't even complete the January goals and then I just gave up! So, this year I have learnt my lesson, no resolutions have been made and no goals set. I don't feel bad for doing this, I have intentions of doing lots of good things in 2017 without the pressure of a list that I know I'm not going to put a single tick against to come December 2017. Instead I've decided to focus on things I would like to (hopefully) do this year, no doubt I will be blogging about some of them over the year so I thoug

Beauty | Clinique Gift Time

Hi! Last week I was kindly invited by intu MK to an event at the Clinique counter at Debenhams. I went there in December for another event which you can read here if you missed it! This event was all about the new Clinique Gift. You may have seen signs around your local Debenhams recently or over the years. I remember getting my first one years ago from the one in Oxford, I didn't touch any of the products for ages because I was so excited about how tiny they were compared to the regular sizes, I mean come on, who doesn't like a mini version of their favourite product!?! Pep Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser The products in this range are designed for millenials, busy mums and anyone who wants a quick and easy skincare routine. So, if like me you want a product that you can use whilst you are in the shower this 2 in 1 exfoliating cleanser would be ideal for you. It contains small beads, which I might add are environmentally friendly, all Clinique products