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Last week I was kindly invited by intu MK to an event at the Clinique counter at Debenhams. I went there in December for another event which you can read here if you missed it!
This event was all about the new Clinique Gift. You may have seen signs around your local Debenhams recently or over the years. I remember getting my first one years ago from the one in Oxford, I didn't touch any of the products for ages because I was so excited about how tiny they were compared to the regular sizes, I mean come on, who doesn't like a mini version of their favourite product!?!

Pep Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

The products in this range are designed for millenials, busy mums and anyone who wants a quick and easy skincare routine. So, if like me you want a product that you can use whilst you are in the shower this 2 in 1 exfoliating cleanser would be ideal for you. It contains small beads, which I might add are environmentally friendly, all Clinique products that contained any beads have all been reformulated so they are all safe to use. I haven't used a scrub on my skin since the days of St Ives, I'm surprised I have any skin left, that stuff was probably similar to rubbing your face with sandpaper.

The Pep start product was completely different, there was no harsh feeling from it. I could definitely feel a difference even after using it 4 times since I received it, almost like the dead skin layers from winter have been lifted away. Obviously you need a few weeks to tell if a product is making a difference but, for me if my skin feels good after a couple of times then I'm happy. One thing I really like is that there's no harsh smell to it as all Clinique products are fragrance free. This on its own won't remove your makeup so I would use a cleanser first, then a small amount of this followed by the dramatically different moisturizing lotion.

Pep Start Eye Cream

Another product that I buy but never use, I have such good intentions when I first buy them and then I get lazy, thank goodness for concealer. I tried this at the event, I was really surprised at how cooling it felt once I put it on, it was also really moisturising as well. The best thing about it was I put it on over my concealer and it didn't smudge it at all. You can also use it as a primer under your makeup as well. I want to try and use this everyday and then give a more in depth review in a few weeks, this post is basically a first impressions post.

Make Up

This is the only thing that changes in each of the bags. In the lemon make up bag you get All About Shadow duo shades from Smoke and Mirrors, Blushing Blush Powder in Precious Rosy along with a Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer in Sweetheart Pop. Now, I haven't tried any of the make up yet so I will just be showing you what you get in the different bags along with the skincare and mascara.

In the orange make up bag* you get the limited edition palette with All About Shadows in  Daybreak and Chocolate Covered Cherry and Blushing Powder Blush in Sunset Glow along with Pop Liquid Matte Lip + Primer in Cake Pop.

The gift set is available from now until the 18th February with the purchase of two or more products, one to be skin care or foundation. It's exclusive to Debenhams so make sure you head down there to check it out. If you are in Milton Keynes then mention the #cliniquedebsmk for a free treat! Whilst you are there you can also speak to a skincare consultant and get a free 10 day supply of any one of the foundations!

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions and views are my own*


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