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For Christmas I got a lot of beauty products, not that I needed anymore, I've had to keep all of the My Little Box boxes just to fit everything in, organised by category of course!
I got this set of L'Occitane hand creams as a gift from my work colleague which was totally unexpected. I had one of those 'oh my goodness' how lovely but I haven't got you anything moments, cue the quickest trip to Bicester Village the same for some last minute present shopping!

I can't go for a day without using a hand cream, I suffer quite badly from dry hands especially around my nails. This gets worse during the winter months, its not uncommon for me to cream my hands every couple of hours during the day. My "go to" hand cream is the Vaseline Intensive Hand Cream, I have been using it for years now, not only does it leave my hands soft but I swear it helps my nails grow, it could just be my imagination though!

If you are not a fan of heavily scented products then these are not for you, all three have strong scents especially the Roses Et Reines lotion. It was little too floral for my liking so I would only use this one occasionally.  My favourite is the Karite Shea, the shea butter in it smells lovely but not as strong as the other creams. I was really surprised at how quickly it absorbed into my hands and there was no greasy feeling afterwards.

I'm definitely going to continue using these. Would I repurchase? Probably not, despite really liking how the Karite Shea felt on my hands I can't get past the scent, something that the Vaseline cream doesn't really have.

You can purchase the hand creams from the website here.


  1. Do yourself a huge favour and visit a L'occitane store and try all the different flavours. That is what I did after trying the cherry blossom which I got as a bonus when I bought a magazine, which I did not love the scent of BUT I loved the cream. I found all kinds of great flavours but the lemon verbena was my favourite, followed by vanilla. ;)


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