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Earlier this month Mr C surprised me with a weekend break for my birthday. It couldn't have come at a better time in my opinion, despite having a break at the end of December, which feels like a lifetime ago, the month of January turned out to be so hectic that by the start of February we were in desperate need of some R and R!

Now, I did have a little bit of a say in where we were going, the last short break that I left Mr C to organise by himself ended up with me looking to go home the same evening we got there, hence my rather much needed input this time to ensure the perfect night away!

After a late night of birthday celebrations on the Saturday we got up a little later on Sunday before doing a spot of hasty last minute packing (my absolute bug bear). We finally headed out the door at lunchtime. After 45 minutes we arrived in Burford. We had visited here a few times before and I absolutely adore it, full of quaint shops, restaurants and wonderful country feeling all through the town, I was so happy to be back again.
We had a quick bite to eat at Burford Garden Centre, this is not like your average garden centre, we tucked into balsamic pork (him), lamb (me), puy lentils and roasted winter vegetables. It was ok, filled a gap for a short while but not sure it was worth the £25 that we paid.
We finally arrived at our hotel around 25 minutes later, after a quick stop for water and snacks. The Maytime Inn is situated in Asthall which is just outside of Burford, the road to it seemed very long, thin and muddy but then we turned a corner and were greeted by beautiful stone buildings, cottages and nowhere to park! That was the first issue we encountered, although it was a small one and for a very good reason, as soon as we walked in the restaurant we noticed it was packed wall to wall with diners. For me this is a good sign so we soon forgot about not having a space and were shown to our room.

We were staying in the Hunting Room, chosen mainly because of the inviting bath nestled at the back of the bathroom, good job I packed an array of bath bombs! After being shown how to work the lights, heating, and given complimentary hot drinks with some delicious choc chip shortbread we were left to our own devices.

Ok, first up the best things were the bath, underfloor heating (we need this at home!), a huge shower, a massive bed, the cutest little desk and of course my favourite, a huge full length mirror.

After a long soak, which was delightful, the bath was so deep and comfortable, I got stuck into my book and then had a nice nap, giving Mr C a dead arm in the process, sorry!

Dinner was booked for 7.00pm so, after a quick change, and by quick I mean 10 minutes, I couldn't even put on any makeup in that time, we walked the 30 seconds to the main building and got settled at our table. Now, I failed as a blogger here because once we sat down, ordered and started eating I realised that I didn't bring my camera, but hopefully you can picture all of this; our starter consisted of haloumi, chargrilled peppers and aubergines, roast pepper hummous, sundried tomatoes, warm pitta bread and olive tapenade, this didn't last long, everything was delicious, my only gripe was that there was too much tapenade, but other than that it was perfect and I could've eaten it twice over. After a short break we then tucked into our mains, I had a beef, stilton and ale pie with mash and winter vegetables, probably the best pie I've ever eaten. And, despite feeling like I was going to burst I managed to eat every last bit of it, only just managing to restrain myself from licking the plate! Mr C went for the sausage and mash which didn't last long either. Now, you've heard the saying eyes bigger than your belly, well this was definitely the case for me, after a quick look at the desserts we opted for 3 scoops of ice-cream, banana, vanilla and chocolate, with an almost gelato like consistency, this went down a treat, Mr C was in ice cream heaven!

With our tums full to the brim we wandered back to the room and cosied up for a nights sleep. This was my only other issue, the heavy duvets made us rather hot but leaving them off left us feeling too cold, this interrupted our sleep slightly so we didn't wake up feeling as refreshed as we'd hoped. Despite that we managed to get up early for breakfast. I couldn't fault breakfast, my eggs were some of the best scrambled eggs I've ever had, and anywhere that has my favourite pastries is a winner for me!

Even though we had a couple of (minor) issues, we both agreed we would definitely go back, the peaceful location, fantastic food and warming atmosphere were just what we need to refresh ourselves for another busy month ahead!

You can read all about the Maytime Inn here. For reference we stayed half board which was worth every penny.


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