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Just a quick post today, I really liked this outfit so I thought I would share it. I wore this outfit at the weekend for a trip to Ikea and Costco. I was going to add layers under the coat but the Ikea we went to is always so hot, I could wear shorts and a vest top in there and I would still be too warm. I've already reviewed the coat and trousers in other posts so I will link them here Chinos and Coat.
The Ikea trip was very successful, lots of new and much needed home ware and we won a mirror with our family card, very random but nice!

T-Shirt - Gap
Coat - New Look
Trousers -  ASOS
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Radley (old)

These were taken after the visit to Ikea while on the way to visit the in-laws. Yep, we often have the camera with us while out and about so we are fully prepared for a random photo shoot like this.


  1. I love the action shot of you crossing the zebra crossing. Now where are the other Beatles? ;) xx


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