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Last week I attended a Clinique event at Debenhams in MK intu. It was to find out more about their latest launch, the Clinique Fresh Pressed system. You can read more about it here. I have also previously attended some other events which you can read about here and here.

I've slowly been introducing Clinique products into my skincare regime, as I mentioned in previous posts I used to use lots of their products when I was younger, oh the days of living at home, no bills or housework, the only worry I had was where I was going to put all of my products!

I arrived nice and early at the event and was greeted by Suzie, this lovely lady is to blame for my recent purchases! If you live in the Milton Keynes area I would highly recommend going to the Clinique counter in Debenham, all of the consultants are so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

First of all Suzie introduced us to the products and explained how they worked. Now, I'm not going to write word for word everything about the Fresh Pressed System, instead I took some photos of the information booklet, which I'm going to share below, that will give an overview.

Next she explained how Vitamin C plays an important part in this product. A potent De-ager, Vitamin C will give you a brighter, more even tone and smoother texture. Used daily it will help with the skins renewal and help repair damage from the sun, breakouts and the environment.

Next, it was demonstration time. Earlier on in the evening Suzie asked one of us to be her model to demonstrate the product on and I said ok! Not something that I would normally do, especially as some of their best customers were there and I wasn't sure if they were ready to experience me without any make up on! I sat down and Suzie applied the fresh pressed powder onto my face, immediately it felt very cooling and refreshing on my face. She then wiped it off and also used the sonic brush, another new favourite item of mine, I'll be reviewing this soon. My skin felt really clean and slightly brighter, I really need to used it properly and for the correct amount of time to see a real difference. I did purchase the 7 day system to try at home so expect to see a proper review in the next few weeks.

I will be doing a proper review of the 7 day fresh pressed system so look out for that in the next few weeks! Apologies for the pictures, I have edited some of them but the lighting in Debenhams is not blogger friendly!

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