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I had envisaged taking a long break from blogging as I had begun to feel quite jaded with the whole thing. There is always the thought in the back of my mind, am I good enough, does anyone actually read it? I knew as soon as I started thinking like this it was time to take a break, whether that was 1 day or 1 week, I knew I had to shut the laptop for a while.

The break didn't last for long, I think it's been around 2 weeks since I sat down and wrote anything but one lovely dress got me so excited I had to come back and share it all with you!

I bought this dress a few weeks ago, not online but in store for a change. I always forget that my local New Look has a curves section, it's small but it's there and, as you all know, they are far and few between.

I didn't even try this one on, I just had a good feeling about it when I saw so I took it straight to the tills, along with a denim shirt, neither of which I needed but I could not resist!

I'm wearing a 24 here and I would say it fits true to size. I've worn it a couple of times for work and I'm in love. It's so comfortable, fits well and is very versatile. I might do another post showing the different ways I am going to style it but for now I would highly recommend ordering this dress!
Oh and I don't normally go taking pictures in closed shopping centres, these were taken after an event and it was quiet so I asked Mr C to take a couple of pictures! They are a little grainy but I like that they are completely random and not quite perfect!

Much Love


  1. You look lovely in this dress. In fact seeing it on you on Instagram made me buy it! :) xx

  2. :) I read it x Lisa

  3. I love this dress! I felt (and still do at times) the same way. I felt ss if no one sees my blog or the posts I make. I yook a bresk as well for about three months and like you somethkng so cute brought me back haha!! I was just strolling through insta and was wondering why I've never visited your blog since I LOVE your style. Well, I'm here reading and I enjoy it a lot!


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