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Last Sunday myself and Mr C went to Birmingham for the weekend for the Style XL awards. The lovely Leah from Leah XL organised the entire thing and it was wonderful. It really warms my heart when I see lots of plus size women together and celebrating! Things didn't go so smoothly beforehand though, I spent all morning feeling nervous and not wanting to go. Recently I've been struggling being in crowded places and talking to new (groups) people. I'm a lot better than I was but there are still times when I want to run and hide. A lot of this stems from being badly bullied by my all the girls (bar two) in my class at college, I may have forgiven but I can never forget, unfortunately the effects have been long lasting so, if I didn't come over and say hello, I wasn't being rude, just having a small confidence crisis!

Anyway, I've gone completely off subject! I wanted to do a quick post about what I wore that evening. There will be a few posts from Birmingham coming up, the weather was perfect and I was happy with all my outfits so, lucky Mr C got to snap them all!

I wanted to get something new to wear but didn't want to break the bank, so I had a quick browse on the ASOS sale page one night and saw two dresses - this dress and another one (which was also navy). The next day (Thursday) they arrived and I was worried as I had no back up if neither of these worked. So, I kept my fingers crossed for my trying on session that evening.

The first dress didn't fit, but this one did luckily! I rarely wear navy so it made a nice change. The detail really caught my eye though, it had all this gorgeous beading on the shoulders and then down the sides.

It felt super comfortable on, I'm not going to go into too much detail as the dress is no longer available. In terms of fit it was true to size (24) but unfortunately the same can't be said for the quality, part way through the evening I noticed that some of the beading had come off around the spilt and also the neckline had a 'raw' feeling to it which I felt let the overall appearance of the dress down.

For £27 in the sale I can't really complain too much though, I'm going to get my sewing box out and see what I can do with it so I can wear it again!


  1. Very Nice--your smile tells the story...

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about you being bullied at college. I know the feeling very well, I was bullied as a kid and it can affect you for a really long time.

    As for the dress, you look absolutely gorgeous in it! What a shame the quality wasn't all that good!

  3. You look amazing - this dress is stunning!

    I'm so sorry you felt so anxious about being in a group. Many of us feel the same, I'm always hear if you need to talk.

    C x

  4. You looked so lovely, Natalie. I do hope you can salvage it. Also really sorry to hear about your crowd anxiety but glad to hear things keep getting better and less stressful.


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